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    I have: Adblock Plus - Amazingly after I installed it, it's made most pages like TGTAP run more faster, which is a positive thing. Chrome - A similar appearance to Google Chrome, although it's not in use at the moment, it's amazing. FireFTP - Amazing FTP, but I don't use that much. FoxTab - Dunno why, but it's an awesome addon, makes it feel more pro like for some reason. Web Developer - I'm a web designer, so this is somewhat a good addon for me, helps me out alot.
  2. TM™

    Best game OST?

    Hmm well: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Most of the OST's are awesome) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Again, awesome shit) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Another awesome OST from Kojima Productions) GTA 4: Soviet Connection (The main theme of the game) Driver 1 (The theme song in the main menu was so catchy). I have more, but I don't think I can remember any of their names.
  3. Lol when I saw what Husky wrote, I died laughing on my floor. Pizza? You fucking serious lol? I don't know why, but if you're afraid of getting your hands dirty, you could of said that... I mean I wouldn't exactly want to get STD's or get a girl pregnant, but then again, neither is being a virgin going to fix anything. Your only chance is wearing a condom. If not, Husky, I don't see how girls are going to come to you if you can't even make love to them in bed. Best way really is to make some friends, go out more. Usually events, outings or even just hanging out with some friends could do the trick. Remember, doing nothing won't do anything at all, but hanging with friends, going to a bar, or to some event, it may get you somewhere.
  4. Yeah cheers for the advice Bossman, I do tend to die much easier than in CoD:5. I might actually go into a private match and play by myself, get use to the level and stuff. And yes I added you. GTA IV multiplayer... I think it's cool, although I have a few problems with it, others seem okay. I tend to play Freeroam more than anything else, seems fun getting chased by someone in a helicopter.
  5. Most Developers aren't exactly all that. They just build/make games. If you can't afford top end hardware to run games, fair enough. In this time of age, not everyone can, especially with the recession going on. You're just going to have to get use to the fact that technology is developing, and not everyone can keep up with it, in terms of money. Obviously if your computers old (Made/Bought before 2005 for instance) then you will definitely not be able to get the best out of the newer/current games. So really, to sum it up, today's games aren't built to sell video cards. If you want to experience an awesomely graphical game like Crysis or FC2, you're going to need a really good graphics card, or really, just deal with it. Game developers want you to experience the best, right? So making a high end graphical game is what they're going to give you. If you can't run it, then you shouldn't really blame the game developers, that's just ridiculously dumb to do. It would just be your fault for not having a high end gaming system. Just remember that as technology advances, so does graphics, and that equals lots of money being spent. And like I said before, at this time of age, not everyone can advance. Not whilst this recession gets worse. I know that the recession may not be the biggest problem with this, but sometimes developers make mistakes with their games, really, everybody makes mistakes. You can't just brag about it and it gets fixed, it takes alot of knowledge to fix/problem solve errors. Other than that, everybody isn't greedy. Alot of people learn and make things from video games as well. It's not just about the money.
  6. Lawl, the guy got banned. Well to be honest here, it's really up to that certain individual to believe in what religion he/she follows. No way they can move away from it if they were born to learn and follow that religion from the start. If a religion has radical movements, then why is that religion saying your going to head straight to heaven, when you've possibly killed innocent human beings? That's like heading straight to hell, if it exists that is. This is why some religions brain-wash believers. Some stuff they possibly say may not even be true. Not that all religions brain-wash people, some things you learn in religion actually guides you to do better in life, it's just sometimes people intercept that message and change it around, making it sound good, when it's really suppose to be bad. I hate being controlled by religion, it doesn't make any sense to not have a girlfriend, but to get arranged marriage, and trying to love someone you may not feel attracted to. I mean, I think it's perfectly fine to make love with someone you like, it doesn't harm anyone. Just some people have to be so insecure about it. I'm not exactly religious, but I believe in certain things that only do good, and make full sense, other than that, my life is going well. No need for my religion or any other religion to change my life, it won't do nothing to me personally.
  7. TM™


    Vista works like a new born baby, every time I turn my PC on. Nothing has happened to my PC or anything. The design I believe is professional enough, but from what I heard people are saying Windows 7 is better, from what I saw, it doesn't look that good (This is just my opinion). Unless I try it out for myself, my opinion might change eventually. I'd give it a 8.5/10, it was completely hard to get use to, especially the start menu, but everything else seems okay from what I've gone through.
  8. Well I just received Call Of Duty 4 this morning, and damn, am I enjoying myself. I just started playing multiplayer and it is so fucking fun, just like CoD:5. Weapons are more better, and because I got the game of the year edition, I get the 4 free maps, so that's double good. But the maps I still have to get use to. But it shouldn't be too long before I get use to the maps.
  9. nice i borrowed it off a friend, im like level 19 now heh. i keep gettin in matches with people on multiple prestige still win LOL. for the first few days everyone in my match was like level 30+ or on 2nd or higher prestige. been playing prototype as well, so fun. Yeah, some level 65 guy who's on his last prestige, who's a piece of shit, constantly kept acting like an asshole whilst I was killing him throughout S&D, I got kind of the highest score on there, and he got the lowest. He kept saying I was some low level prestige player and that he was top. He said all kinds of shit to me, but he later couldn't take it, so he left. Really proves how many people who think they're top are mainly just low life's, really. Also, that video shows the top part, looks like the PS2 logo, seems someone's been buying some cheap bull crap.
  10. Well it's been at least a week since I ordered CoD:4 from Play.com, just checked it out and I saw that yesterday it's now to be dispatched. Hopefully it should arrive by the end of this week. Finally, a game I wanted for some time, is finally here.
  11. They will return probably. Maybe with something new? I wouldn't know really, I don't even care about GTAForums. Since you've been banned there for some time (macorules94) you should be happy they're gone.
  12. The Skyline is amazing. Fucking amazing. That's some good stuff there. Pity I don't have a good PC to do this on.
  13. Well it does really depend which console you're use to. For instance: If you're a PS3 user, get it for PS3, there's no real difference to it other than the HDR Lighting. There isn't no DLC for it, although we can't be sure if their will be any in future. For me, I have it on the PS3, considering I'm more of a PS3 user/fanboy, I prefer it on there. If you're a Xbox 360 user, there's no difference either. There is 2 DLC's (2nd one coming soon) for it, so that's sort of an advantage if you're the type of gamer who finishes the game pretty quick. The controls aren't exactly different when you compare it the PS3 controller. The button mapping is exactly the same as the PS3's, so there's no disadvantages there. It's up to you really which controller fits you perfectly. I've used the 360 controller and it's still feels the same as the PS3 controller. Playing GTA IV online for both consoles is still the same, just get good internet connection and you're complete. Now if you're a hardcore GTA PC fan, get it for PC, although you're going to need to buy a really good rig, if you really want to max it out. The video editor is on the PC version only, so that's pretty cool to have. But the con about the PC is you're going to have to spend alot of money for a solid gaming PC. Modding is also in the PC version, so if you're a modder, get the PC version, you may enjoy that especially. Well this is all I can give you for now, hopefully you should make the right choice (None of the choices are wrong, just people have different preferences from others).
  14. Simplicity sometimes wins. Depends entirely on what content you add to your web page. I for one laughed for a few seconds when I saw that. Because there's so much stuff going on within that page, it just draws my attention, and makes me want to close the tab. Adding way to much stuff doesn't make it look awesome, it makes it look shit, completely awful looking, and makes it unprofessional. I for one am glad I'm not a rookie at web design, Cause this is usually what happens when you make a minor mistake with your coding. But considering this is an experiment, at least you can see what happens when your coding. Seems something like what a 8 year old did, with the aide of their mates.
  15. TM™

    New gta multiplayer

    GTA4 online was a piece of work, but although it was good, it needs more improvements within it's multiplayer. Obviously if you're the host (The "Kings" crown) you get to change everything to suit your need. I for one don't like the idea of spawning distances. I mean, whenever I played Free roam, I usually get spawned far away from everyone else. It sickens me that you have to get a car and ride all the way to where the other players are. Although the games modes are fine, they need to remove the kick outs option. I mean, I just got into the list of other players, the game was about to commence, but then all of a sudden I got like 4 "X"s and I got kicked out, for no apparent reason. I think they need to remove that option, which only should be available for the host to use. Another problem is when you're playing Team Deathmatch. Everybody keeps changing their team, which is so annoying. It happened when I was playing, for 15 minutes. I just gave up and left. They need to assign people to certain teams rather than let them freely change it. I have other things which sicken me, but I'm not going to rant about it.
  16. Happy birthday Jay! Have a good time mate.
  17. That is pretty cool. The "Toxic" writing doesn't fit in though. Lower down on the emboss/bevel or whatever effect you used for that part specifically. Other than that it looks pretty neat.
  18. Hey thanks guys! I am having fun, just got my haircut, probably going out to a restaurant tonight, then tommorrow my mates are coming over, so yeah. Anyways thanks for the wishes etc.
  19. Custom Builts are sort of better if you think about it. Not only is it cheap, it's better than getting it from a company, who will probably just rip you off. I personally believe that if you want to buy a good PC, keep searching for good PC's.
  20. Happy birthday yo, enjoy it and have fun.
  21. Well the games I have are the following: GTA 4 (Just borrowed it off my cousin for a month or so) MGS4 Tom Clancy H.A.W.X (I don't play this game cause it sucks) Killzone 2 (Play it sometimes, I just don't like it for some reason) Call of Duty: World at War (I borrowed it before, now getting a permament copy) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Soon to be buying it) Pretty much my collection of PS3 games, hopefully by next year or in Christmas, there should be more games I'll be getting.
  22. Chris, you are the fucking bomb! That is one nice layout, looks perfect if you ask me. Just needs to inner CSS for the forums complete, and it will be the bomb. Although the ads suck, it's a perfect place for it to be. Can't wait for the final product, it will feel like a fully recreated forum. Anyways good stuff.
  23. My birthday is coming up, so er, I've decided to get myself 2 games, CoD:WaW and CoD4:MW. Obviously I love FPS games, so it's the perfect presents for me. Anyways, I'll be adding more of you guys soon (If I can remember...).
  24. To be honest, I don't think it'd be a great idea at this time. For one, most of us who do graphics, are pretty much busy with life. I would love to do it, but I have such a busy lifestyle now, it's harder to be on here or on photoshop making signatures or any type of graphics, really. I do hope to return on graphics though. The idea of a competition sounds good, but you need alot of people, we only a few people who do graphics now on here. But things should change once all of us are in summer. Why don't you guys (Who are active) just simply make a small competition between yourselves (through PM). This section should revive soon.
  25. I will add you as soon as I get back on my PS3. Which will be possibly later. Anyways, me and Matt were trying to play against each other on COD:WAW but it didn't work lol. I'm going to be playing as soon as I get my copy.
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