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    The Sims 3

    Although I'm not a Sims fan, I played the very first on the PC when I was young, that was an awesome game, back in the early days of course. My mate is the one who's probably gonna buy this game. So I'll see what it's like. Also, Steam, if I was you, buy the full game. Pirated versions of games just suck in general really, unless you want it badly. Having the full Disc is much more legitimate, and will most likely work better.
  2. Okay, I'm sorry if I ever did insult you, but what you posted to me seemed pointless. And no lol, I haven't jumped on any bandwagon.
  3. It would nice to see San Andreas Stories on the PSP, but I see that as highly unlikely now. If it was ever released on the PS3 or 360, it wouldn't really do great as they could possibly be making something else. Co-Op would be awesome, but I don't see it fit perfectly in GTA in general. 16 players Co-Op would be really insane and chaotic, maybe sticking with 2-3 players? More reasonable if you ask me. And Connor, stop being a twat and give the guy a break. You will see many people making topics like this either way, so there's no point in really saying something like that is there? And yes, I loved the scenery of San Andreas, awesome game. If they ever do make something like this, I'd like to see this completely reinvented in the RAGE engine. Would be a spectacular view.
  4. If you do this, we won't get so many people confused with the sub-forums. The idea is great in fact, something like this really should of been done along time ago but hey, as long as we're discussing it now, this is possibly something essential on the forums, to make it more "Friendlier" than it is now.
  5. yeah no problem man, just wondering whenever really.

  6. Hey welcome to TGTAP all new members (Except girishb)! Please make sure to read the forum rules, but mainly, enjoy your time here! You'll surely enjoy it.
  7. That advert was mainly proved to aim at teenagers in the UK. Nowadays, it's common to see a pregnant teenager in some places. Shows how Britain is getting so many under age pregnancy. I'm not saying that every teenager gets pregnant, just some are stupid enough to do it. The advert itself is a anti-teenage-pregnancy video. Usually, whenever someone is having a fight back at my school, I tend to see some kids recording it on their camera phone, not that they get the chance to, but for the fun of it to upload it later to YouTube. It did seem to look like a fight, cause usually everybody would run into the fight, but it wasn't. So yeah, this is truly aimed at teenagers, cause of how it was recorded, and that it was at a school.
  8. Exactly. If he had interest in the Yakuza's, why did he kill Kenji in one of Donald's missions? He doesn't. And as a neutral character, you have to think neutral. So he has to do anything he can just to make money, which was really the main point in the game, other than killing Catalina.
  9. Avi:- 10/10 LOL Sig:- 7/10 Not really impressive, but is good. Person: I don't know who you are. :|
  10. Playing CoD: Waw, and yeah I'm finally on Level 65. Got everything now, all I have left is Prestige. I dunno if I should do it, but I heard you lose everything, is that right? If so, damn. But I guess that's what makes it fun, starting all over again and working up.
  11. The last one was irrelevant I know, but it made me laugh inside for some weird reason.
  12. Dom, when do you come on MSN? Yeah, I've been ill lately so yeah, blame me for not being on, but I'd like to know etc. :P

  13. Claude is mute because of a reason. Have any of you played through GTA2 ever? You play as a guy in top down view, doing jobs for only 3 possible gangs within the city, and you're not doing out of the gangs interest, you're doing it out of money, but then you also can do other gangs jobs, even if it's the opposing gang. GTA2 and GTA3 have similarities between each other. In GTA2 you play supposedly as Claude Speed (Although when you watch that small movie at the beginning, you see he's Asian). In GTA3 you play as someone else, but is called Claude Speed. Both GTA's have gangs you work with, in which you have to play as a Neutral Character, because if you worked with other gangs and you followed interest with them, you wouldn't be called neutral would you? Being neutral means you only care within the mutual interest of the money, not the reason for the gang. So the reason he's mute, is because if he wasn't, he wouldn't be neutral, plus he probably would alliance with a gang, rather than work as an independent contractor doing jobs for others. And if he ever did talk, he would probably end up getting himself killed. He's better off keeping quiet for a good reason, to not get himself killed. And because he's just awesome being quite, at least you could call him the "Silent Killer".
  14. The wrong place to post it. Post it over here. Unfortunately I don't really know how to help you at this, so sorry mate.
  15. TM™

    Why Wait?

    I suggest you gather a full team of coders to do it, I believe they will find it a hard time to get done, and instead will just bugger off. It won't work, making computers games are never simple. Firstly, pass through High School/Secondary school, secondly, go to college, thirdly do a Degree in Computer Games Development and finally, apply to a Game developer and make a game up. Easier said than done'. Actually it is. Doing it is literally a hard job, requires patience, and alot of knowledge indeed. You won't even survive on the first part I bet.
  16. The program is nothing more than a computer doing the job for you. I bet I could make something like what they made in their Example Pages with just Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Learning CSS and XHTML isn't even that hard if you have the time to learn it. If you're lazy, yeah this is for you, but at the end of the day, what is the learning outcome for YOU? It's nothing, completely nothing. If you do ever become a web designer, you're expected to use software's like Dreamweaver, not some machine that does it for you exactly, you're expected to code it from scratch. If you can't do that, then you can't even build a website up. So some people are better off learning it the hard way, the learning outcome is way better than having nothing.
  17. So rather than the Co-Op mode you get where you replay the same missions with two people, you get to do a special forces mode? Now that I would want to see. And hearing that it's gonna be bigger means more fun. Can't wait. The information seems promising, and yet it's not even released yet, hope more good information comes!
  18. Awesome, just completely... AWESOME. The visuals look awesome too. Seems so improved, especially the water waves. This is going to epicly win.
  19. Well I've been playing CoD: WaW and I'm trying to complete the Humilation Challenges. One thing I truly enjoy alot is humiliating my enemies, like any of you would do if they completely rubbed humilation in your face. So recently I've been trying to complete a challenge which you cook your grenade until it explodes, but you have to kill your enemy, and yourself. So I've done it quite alot, and it seems that even though I do this, all the people in my team get pissed of cause I die alot, even though I got the MOST kills. Pathetic it is, but I did it cause some idiotic/retarded kids that are on their final level of Prestige (Which by the way sound like they're only 10 years old) think their all top and shit, so I decide to kill them, doing it in style. You may not think that's style, but to me, killing them whilst they place their bouncing betty on the floor and immediately shooting at it is style. So yeah, owning kids that think they're all top is fun. I even cooked the grenade 4 times and got 3 kills (Last one was assist kill). So yeah, heh, was fun, but at the end I left cause my internet connection fucked. Anyways, I'll be adding some of you dudes later to my PSN, hopefully it will be a blast playing against you dudes.
  20. TM™


    Me? Well I dunno actually what I'm gonna choose. I do want to do something in IT, but being more creative etc. Something like Multi-Media and stuff, that's something that suits me since I'm that type of guy who creates stuff from Photoshop, and has a mind of creativity. But then again, I want to do something in IT as well, so at the moment, I'm not sure. At the moment, I'm not gonna decide until next year.
  21. Nice, I like your banner and content. All works well. The website will look good once it's up on the internet. Good stuff Huck.
  22. Went college today to finish off a few assignments, nothing really big, although the fact that the library is suppose to be a quiet place, yet people talk loud in there. Well other than that, things have been good, seems now I've probably spent more time on the PS3 than anywhere else. lol.
  23. Wow, you've been banned in 20 forums, then you say 3 forums? You seriously are a liar!
  24. A little impatient are we, eh Toxic? Nice sig, I can't say much since all seems good. Make the opacity of your text a little more higher, somewhere around 80-85%.
  25. Guys before you say anything about the white (I should of written about this before), I have already created it using Dreamweaver. Preview: http://thestreetsofgta.net46.net/regenerate/ The white is pretty much important as it works with the background. And if you have a widescreen like me, you should see why the gradient I added is important. Grunge isn't a bad idea, but I don't see it suit the whole design on top, and yet again, making the whole thing repeat in the X axis will make the gradient look weird. Again, thanks for the comment, but unfortunately, the white is going to have stay. If you have anything else to say, feel free to comment!
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