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  1. Sherman

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    Where are all of the 360 people at? Looks like Llama and I will be alone
  2. Sherman

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    Cool. Slowly getting the list populated.
  3. I think my wife would approve of me playing the game if she was Hahah.
  4. We know Michael is voiced by Ned Luke, he is the perfect suite to play Michael, I'm already a big fan. As for a celebrity: Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad trying to sell meth to Trevor. It makes perfect sense R* Kind of, except Breaking Bad is based in Albuquerque A lot different from Los Angeles. I think a knock off Tom Cruise and some other 'Scientology' people would be hilarious. Joined into the Epsilon program, hah.
  5. Sherman

    GTA San Andreas Myths N' Legends

    Not many people still play San Andreas anymore. Pretty much all of the myths have been explored and deemed true or.. myth. This is a slower message board, so be patient, post elsewhere (GTAV is soon!) and another person will come along and post.
  6. Sherman

    Gta 4 Role Play Clan **BROTHERS Clan***

    It'd help if you stuck around and posted more.. instead of once and never again. Not a great way to recruit people!
  7. Sherman

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    I'm wondering about the GTA Online properties. The apartments and shit.. can only one person own them at a time? Or did they not mention that?
  8. Sherman

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    Holy shit this game is sounding more awesome by the.. update. Hah. I'm so excited for this; it's what we've been waiting for.
  9. Sherman

    SLAYER's Jeff Hanneman has passed on

    Oh man, that does suck :/ RIP
  10. Sherman

    New GTAV Trailers! Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

    ^ Good catch. The trailers are looking awesome. is putting a lot on the line with the push backs.. and putting the bar high. So far, it looks like its gonna be great.
  11. Sherman

    Join Kifflom for a chance to be in GTAV

    I'm not sure I completely understand. Submit my picture / name and they'll email me (If I get picked / liked / whatever) to do some sort of casting for a scene in-game?
  12. $39.99? Really? Were they a lot more when they first came out (GTA3 and VC) or am I imagining things? I'm really thinking at least a set up.
  13. Sherman

    TUN3R learns the meaning of irony.

    We have a few here, nothing super rare though. Mostly Corvettes and Mustangs from drug busts. I love that 996 though.
  14. Sherman

    Work-related issues.

    It's work.. more times than not, it's going to blow. If you're getting paid to be there, suck it up. Or find a new job.
  15. Sherman

    Fast and Furious 6

    Looks fucking ridiculous. But at some point I'm sure I'll watch it.
  16. Sherman


    It's finally warm enough to run again.. it was 28F this morning. Supposed to hit 60F+ later today
  17. Sherman

    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    The release date gives me a perfect excuse to pick it up. A few days after my birthday? Excellent.
  18. Sherman

    Five T Shirts

    Cleaned up the thread by getting rid of some of the posts throughout. Generally, there is a topic title followed by a beginning post. That combination sets the tone and idea of the topic. Lets try sticking to it. Thanks.
  19. Sherman

    USA Gun laws and Violent Video Gaming....

    I completely agree with Huck. My wife babysits for a few extra dollars a week, the older kid is 7. He wants to spend all the time with my wife instead of playing. Why? The parents just sit him in front of a video game or tv screen so they don't have to do any parenting. Absolutely ridiculous. Shootings have to do with poor parenting more than anything else.
  20. Sherman


    The lowest it's been in Albuquerque is about 20 degrees. Snow a couple of inches, got to see some people freak out and wreck. Also doubled my 15 minute commute :/ Eh. I like the cold better than the scorching heat.
  21. Sherman

    Australian Heatwave Of 2013

    I bet if those fires arise it's going to get even hotter. We get those West of here (Arizona, USA) and it brings all sorts off soot and smoke and nasty stuff.
  22. Sherman

    New GTA V Screenshot from PCGuru Magazine

    ^ I think it's a little larger, an Expedition.
  23. Sherman

    Post pics of your car

    <3 VW. Almost got a VR6 Jetta instead of the CRV.. I like the 1.8t though.
  24. Sherman

    TGTAP's 10th Anniversary

    Happy big 10 TGTAP In various ways, you've shaped us all over the years. Now, cake!
  25. Sherman

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Nice work Dom I missed a bit of that!