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  1. 14 years old too old for Yu Gi Oh? lol. If you aren't posting to help, don't post at all. Thanks.
  2. Cleaned out all the dust, replaced the front case fan. And yeah it's an AMD Athlon 62 dual core. 4200+
  3. So my CPU fan is making a weird noise like it's on the way out. Can anyone suggest me something that'd be an upgrade and not cost something ridiculous? Money isn't really an object, just don't feel like spending a ton on a stupid fan. Thanks!
  4. An August Burns Red shirt... that was friggen huge. Medium slimfit.. and it was. Giant. do they make shit in plus sizes now? I'm not THAT small
  5. Sherman

    Ps3 for $200?

    Yeah, if it was closer it'd be worth it, but it would've costed $20 in gas to get it. Taking time to sell it, the possible meeting with someone to sell or ship? Not worth the meager $40 I'd get out of it (IF sold for $250) Oh well.
  6. Sherman

    Ps3 for $200?

    Well, I'm probably getting a laptop too. I don't need a 360, PS3 and laptop xP
  7. Sherman

    Ps3 for $200?

    I think I'm just gonna get it and resell it It's gonna cost me about 205$ with gas. I got him to come down on the price by 10 dollars, haha. Pretty good investment, regardless.
  8. Sherman

    Ps3 for $200?

    I can get a PS3 for $200, it's got an 80 gig HDD and has 10 more months on the warranty. I don't really need it, but. It seems kinda cheap, the guy needs to fix his car (and so do I hahah) but. I miss my free online gaming :/ haha. Is it worth it? It's not really gonna hurt me financially if I do grab it, I might could even make a few dollars off of it..
  9. I had this problem with my dual core processor. Just set one to run the game.
  10. Okay, so I was CLOSE. I knew it was something to do with collectables
  11. Happy birthday, now you're almost as old as me
  12. I'm pretty sure you get luck from collecting the hidden oysters.
  13. Sherman

    Saints Row 2

    I'm gonna have to grab up some free XBL things, I wonder if those two I got from UO are still active... I just picked up this game, and beat it in 3 days haha. I have plenty of free time during the summer, its extremely fun. I'll probably make a new save, do all the activities then do missions. I wanna do the co-op mission stuff, sounds fun too
  14. It's awesome seeing a documentation of all of this dude, def keep us updated. Once more stuff starts coming in for the ol' Accord I'll have to make one of these threads Cuz I have a LOT to do for it this summer.
  15. Never compare me to anyone, except for Earthbound. Cuz we're both on the same level ;] hahah
  16. Glad to see this project isn't dead, still looking forward to it coming out =)
  17. itt everyone is latino xP

  18. This has already been tried a few times..
  19. I hate budlight, vodka blows, anything fruity makes me sick to my stomach. Rum is great, especially with coke ;D
  20. Maybe if someone bought a carton from a store, and that person sold a kid a pack or something? Then its legal.. haha. It doesn't' make much sense. I wonder if they have Hombres there
  21. Sherman

    My New PC

    Send me 2K flat and I'll send you an amazing computer.
  22. It's a false-positive. The trainer picks up as a virus because its a keylogger, that's how it reads your input from in-game.
  23. Prostitution is the only viable option. IdapimpUdaho.
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