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  1. So it'll probably come back again. There are no new vehicles confirmed for it though.
  2. Thomas.

    Why Wait?

    Generally it would be quite expensive and time consuming to make your own GTA Game. Obviously if you do make a game similar to GTA then you would have to start it from scratch due to copyright laws in the USA. But the time consumption and effort would probably pay off if you do decide to do it. If you do it yourself then it won't cost quite as much as it would with other people - you would have to think of a script, model all the vehicles etc. You would have to have some basic knowledge in any modeling program, I have knowledge in Inventor - where I made a Microwave with ease and viewed it in simulation. Inventor is a good start for any modeling program. For the script you would need have a lot of creativity and experience to do it. You would need to plan what each of your characters say and what their actions are when saying it. You would need to hire people to do voices. Like I said it will be expensive. Anyway being in Scotland, Rockstar North are beginning to hand out game creator tools to schools so I can make GTA stuff whenever. That's what the English department head said anyway.
  3. Yeah, I think Bebo isn't that good either. I left it about 6 months ago and only went on once. I like Facebook though, it's brilliant.
  4. I went and signed up today, just to see what it's like. I much prefer Facebook though. Anyway: http://twitter.com/tfy765
  5. Joje, tenho ido às lejos. Estava bom. Aujourd'hui, Je suis allé aux magasins. C'était bon. Simple sentence for the simple minded. First in Portuguese (European) and then in French (European).
  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it and I hope you're having a good day.
  7. I suppose so but if GTA IV fits on a disc then wouldn't this game fit on one too? I doubt it would actually be that hard to fit it on a disc. If it came out on computer I would understand if it didn't fit on one disc. If it did come out then I wouldn't want the storyline of San Andreas and the this storyline to intertwine, a totally new San Andreas would be what I am looking for but I want to see a new Vice City before I see a new San Andreas.
  8. Online translators are quite inaccurate but it is meant for you (the user) to search things up as a dictionary not as a whole sentence. I like the idea of experts on that though, it would greatly improve the quality of posts in the forum and allow some members to become bilingual or multilingual. But for a GTA forum it does seem rather pointless, I would understand if there were one or many English experts, that would be okay but tonnes of French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian etc. experts would be pointless. I would say that this forum could have the potential to have one-hundred experts at least but this would probably happen after a few months of it being fully implemented. I'm just curious but how many experts would there be allowed under GTA San Andreas?
  9. Yeah, I see what you mean by both of the points. How would these such members be picked, I know that they will probably be picked by the staff but what sort of things would you be looking for in these certain individuals? I know being knowledgeable is one of them and posting it is the other but what else? Quality of posts?: You wouldn't want some guy who doesn't understand the concept of English grammar to become one (i.e. writes like: hi my names joeyyyyyyy lolololol) whose posts seem to contain lowercase characters and incredibly bad wording Length of advice/expertise/tutorials?: Shorter, less detailed advise seems not to be good, I know this is probably different for most people but I prefer reading something that's quite long. Usually that would show to me that the person who wrote tried hard to bring it to such a good context but it may be wrong however, I would prefer reading it. If it's answering a simple question in a topic then it wouldn't need to be long, it depends really in what context I said. Mood?: Will you be looking for a certain seriousness in a member's posts or would it be someone who is happy most of the time. Seriousness isn't usually good because it shows that a particular person doesn't often tolerate silliness or ignorance but the benefits would be that this person would do their job quickly and efficiently. Pros and Cons for each mood, so I think this one may be a hard choice. Amount of Knowledge?: Would you go for something who the brain of a scientist and shares what they know or would you go for someone who knows quite a lot and shares it? (I feel like a journalist right now, it's a very awkward position to be in)
  10. I quite like this idea. It sounds very simple and you're basically putting them to work instead of allowing them to sit back and watch (much like the current elite group). As for suggestions to help the idea, I don't really know but you could implement something in the MTA Server like certain members being 'Experts' towards the Gang Server or allowing these experts to have privileges. Another few suggestions towards it: 1. If a member of the expert group hasn't been on TGTAP (obviously without some sort of notice like a holiday or family event) for say a maximum of 3 months or so, then they will be forced to stand down? 2. They must have a certain or some certain qualities over the specified subject they are supposedly expert on? 3. A brief introduction is required for each of the experts. I would consider this like the About.com 'expert' system where there are 'experts' on specific subjects and each have an introduction and information on the subject they are dealing with. I can't think of anything else. Tell me what you think of those few ideas.
  11. We insult your views because usually your views insult others. The last few posts I have read of yours have either been misleading or completely off-topic - like this topic. TM and I at least managed to post something relevant to the specified topic and neither of us posted anything about the creator of the topic. You can express your feelings - usually with you it's sick or insulting - nobody said you can't but with regards to this topic's post it was completely irrelevant and just weird. Note: I wasn't trying to 'rip' you, I was just amused at your PM to SV earlier with you acting all tough guy - I don't think SV could give a flying fuck if you can't take being insulted by him, it shows that you can't take what you give out.
  12. Look guys shut it. The guy who posted this topic obviously didn't realise that the topic had been made many times before, does it occur to you that he joined yesterday? No wonder that not a lot of new members are actually staying here, nice to know how well people are greeted here: "Well if you acknowledge that you're the "fiftyith million" person to make a topic like this, then why don't you post in one of the other "fiftyith million" topics?" Well done...
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing a San Andreas Stories. I wasn't a huge fan of GTA San Andreas but if Rockstar released a San Andreas sequel then it might look a bit better. But I don't really see it happening at all, we've almost went through the IV era and so it seems very unlikely that a San Andreas Stories would come. @ Connor: You want to know why people are insulting you? Look up at your post, there's an example.
  14. I'm not going to be suggesting fast/sports cars because I prefer 4x4s and estate cars. I wouldn't mind seeing an equivalent to the Land Rover Discovery (The new one), I don't like the design but it looks as though it would be a GTA possible since the Range Rover has already appeared in two of the games (GTA San Andreas and GTA IV). I also wouldn't mind seeing a few Vauxhalls and Peugeots. I like the Vauxhall Corsa, it would do nice for when you would like a small and compact vehicle to drive around the next GTA game in, it has an average speed too.
  15. It sounds like it will be a good game. I won't be buying it yet though, I need to buy the first DLC before I buy this one when it is released. I agree with you on that one. I would've preffered it if it was someone with a lot more involvement in the game such as Packie and the fact that some people are taking it far too seriously.
  16. Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while. :(

  17. It seems quite good that more GTA Games are coming out. Husky, there are many clues to other characters, not just him. It could even be someone who hasn't really made an appearance in the game(s), for example, Kenny Petrovic. He has been a main character however he has been the only one character whom we have not seen. We may also the game from the main antagonist's point of view, Dimitri Rascalov. It could be one of Niko's friends - Patrick, Little Jacob, or Roman.
  18. Lol, translators suck at English and French grammar. It's just a bunch of words scrambled together from its inbuilt dictionary for example: French: Je ne sais pas Translator: I know not English: I don't know I think that happened on one translator once. I also hate when the tense is wrong, for example, the present tense instead of the continuous tense (although, it is absent in most languages some translators still use it incorrectly). English: I am working Translation: Je suis travaillant French: Je travaille English: I was working Translation: J'étais travaillant French: J'ai travaillé or Je travaillais
  19. I sat my Standard Grade (GCSE) maths exam today. It was of reasonable difficulty, I think I passed three of the four exams. The fourth exam would have been easy if it had less backwards questions.
  20. Thomas.


    I know he was. Just emphasizing that the American Education system is quite confusing to me and possibly to others. One minute it's described as University and the next it's described as a college or a boarding school. Lol mutherfugger. Boarding shchool is when bad ass kids go to, or for 'Prep' kids to go to when there parents don't want them. University- Is like college or something. But you stay for an X amount of years longer. College - Is like a university but stay for shorter years. And you have to live there for like 3 years? In the UK it's something like this: Boarding School: Like an American private school or college. Often it is attended by youngsters from 5 years old and above to around 18. It, unlike public schools in Britain, has to be paid for. College: Attend classes at certain times during the day but you don't live in it. If you don't live near the college then it is recommended that you take out a student loan and rent a flat with a mate of some description. You attend whenever you want for how long you want. University: You will require a dorm or somewhere close the building. You attend for a quite a while, not necessarily longer than college but it can be for one year, two years etc. It is often of a higher standard than college however, college may have some of the limited courses that university have if it is a really good college - for example Law, Chinese, Graphics Design and so on. This is the college that I am going to attend later this month. It is called Forth Valley College, the Falkirk one not its sister college in Stirling.
  21. Thomas.


    I know he was. Just emphasizing that the American Education system is quite confusing to me and possibly to others. One minute it's described as University and the next it's described as a college or a boarding school.
  22. Thomas.


    In Scotland we can go to college from the age of 15 for a select few subjects that you can take for National Qualifications (Highers, Intermediates etc.) I will be going there at the end of this month after my exams for Uniformed and Emergency Services. What's it like? I don't know, I haven't started yet. I'm sure it will be fun though, I know my way around because I used to go there for Hospitality Lessons. Rooms, Beds etc. There aren't any, that's University. Are you forced to be with a room mate? I hope not, I'm only going there two days days a week for two hours.
  23. I hope they don't close the schools in my area, I have SQA Exams next week (Equivalent to the English GCSEs)
  24. Swine is the official plural form for 'pig', it really is only used in Science and English related jobs. Hence why Swine flu is named as it is. It is also the name of the family pigs come from.
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