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  1. hehe, Je n'ai pas parlé ici depuis mai ou juin parce que il n'a pas actif. Je dois manger donc... au revoir!
  2. Yeah, I did better in Biology than I did in Maths
  3. Yeah, but even though I did get these about an hour ago, I'm still speechless about the Biology result. I was absolutely shit at Biology and suddenly I pass it with flying colours.
  4. I got my exam results this morning: Biology 2 Computing Studies 2 English 2 French 1 Graphic Communication 2 History 2 Mathematics 3 Music 3 Here are what I was expecting: Biology: 4 Computing: 3 English: 2 French: 1 Graphic Communication: 3 History: 1 Maths: 2 Music: 4 The Biology result was amazing... I'm still speechless about it. I got a Grade 5 in my mock exam so I wasn't expecting anything higher. Although, I'm not really bothered about the Biology result, I never really cared for the subject. Computing was okay, it was another subject I didn't really care about but I am glad that I improved. English is another subject I'm happy about, I have been happy with my English result since I got a Grade 1 in my speaking back in February. French, I just knew I'd get a Grade 1. Graphic Communication was great, I love the subject and wasn't expecting anything less. History I'm a bit disappointed about but it's still good. I love History and I got a Grade 1 in my two mocks. Maths I'm also a bit disappointed about but it's still good. Music, I didn't really care about because it was all listening and very little performing. About the grades: Grade 1 and Grade 2 are Credit grades Grade 3 and Grade 4 are General grades Grade 5 and Grade 6 are Foundation grades Grade 7 is a fail. Grade 1 is equivalent to something like A+ or A Grade 2 is equivalent to something like A or B Grade 3 is equivalent to something like B or C
  5. Cool, I probably look more like my dad though, but with quite a lot less wrinkles (He's 47, I'm 15 so yeah) There are more pics on my Facebook page by the way.
  6. Sorry for the darkness, I was standing on Tower Bridge in London.
  7. Thomas.


    I live half an hour away from Burgess Hill. Are you going to Brighton? @Bateman don't bother going to Naples in Italy, its quite scummy. Sorrento is meant to be lovely. But Naples looks like the slums, I was quite scared when I went there, also the drivers are the worst is Naples then other city in Europe. Why is driving so scary in Europe, I thought I was going to die in Denmark. I don't think I'll be going to Brighton, I'll be spending most of the time down there with my cousins and one day in London. I'm hoping to form some better relations with my cousins so that I can spend more time with them. Naples is not recommended.
  8. Thomas.


    Newcastle and Sunderland was fun, I want to go again. It's the first time I've properly been in England since I lived in York. The Geordie dialect is sort of confusing but because my mum was born in Newcastle, it made it much easier to understand. The flooding of the roads on the way there was sort of dreadful, there was a van who had crashed into the hedge on the way and the puddles were about three inches deep. I will start packing for London and Burgess Hill ('the SOUTH' according to the M1/A1 motorway signs) on Tuesday so I have Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy. The trip is going to be tiring like today (I ought to go to bed really, I'm half asleep after being in the car around 7 hours today).
  9. I don't think it would be as big as a NK and US one but the Ossetian war has quietened down quite a bit since last April/May. But smaller wars happened before both of the World Wars and we are probably heading towards World War III or something similar within the next 100 years. But if another major war happens then I would be concerned for the smaller nations that will be unintentionally brought in by their bigger allies such as the allies of the United States or Russia. The allies are almost always bullied into being in a war that they should not be in and it tends to be European and Australasian nations that are 'bullied'.
  10. I hate war although it is fascinating when you view it from a historical view such as World War I, Falkland's War etc. It's caused by the people that want war and that, most of the time, is not what the country wants but what the politicians want and fear. Most wars are based upon religion, for example, the Iraqi war. People are killed because the leader of a country wants to fight but these innocent soldiers don't want to fight or unwillingly forced to fight. I think the United States and North Korea have an even worse relationship. I sure hope that if North Korea do go to war with the United States, China and Russia that they do not bring any other nations in. It has always been the US's allies that have been dragged into war - the UK, Germany etc. - that they should not have really been involved in but only to make the US or whatever country is fighting look bigger. A war between North Korea and the United States is quite likely in the future but it will be a bad war. The only countries that have threatened NK so far officially have been the United States, China and Russia. This is 'war' is likely to be the world's next major war.
  11. Thomas.


    Moscow sounds like an alright place to go, it's one of Europe's biggest cities as well. But blimey from what I saw last year on BBC Weather, it can get really cold. Bordeaux is another place in France I wouldn't mind going to, then again France is the most beautiful country in the world and I wouldn't mind going anywhere in France - Calais, Toulouse, Marseilles, Lyon, Nice, Nancy, Paris, Orleans etc.
  12. Thomas.


    I'm not going very far, in fact, I won't be leaving the country until April next year. For this holiday I will be visiting a few British places over the summer, I haven't been south of Leicester apart from Alton Towers. This Saturday I will be going to Newcastle, this should be fun because I haven't been there in a long time. However, next Thursday evening, we will be going to Warrington where we will be sleeping over at my uncle's house for the journey to Burgess Hill (about 20 miles south of London) the next day. There I will meet my cousins for the first time in five years or so and play some games with them as a sort of reunion. We should be there by noon on Friday. On Saturday my dad will drive up to London where we will spend the whole day visiting attractions across the city such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Palaces of Westminster and Hyde Park. Sunday or Monday I believe we will be setting off home. After this I might go into Edinburgh on my own for the first time to take a look around the city, I haven't been on my own to Edinburgh before so it should be fun despite it being only 20 to 25 miles away from where I live. The top ten places I wish to visit: 1. Paris, France - I know French and I enjoy French cuisine, I just haven't been to France yet. 2. Tokyo, Japan - I don't know why, I just seem to like Japan. 3. New York City, USA - I have been before but I haven't been on Manhattan. I've only been in New Jersey State and borough (Newark Int. Airport) 4. Berlin, Germany 5. Rome, Italy - Mum's been and I haven't so I'm jealous 6. Amsterdam, Netherlands - I was meant to go to Amsterdam last year but the flight from New York was cancelled and it was redirected to Edinburgh. 7. Portugal 8. Copenhagen, Denmark 9. Athens, Greece 10. Seoul, South Korea
  13. It's the same thing as San Andreas with the girlfriends but with the prostitutes you can see what's going on and how she's doing it to him but the model doesn't change (i.e. clothes don't come off). That's about it.
  14. I remember Hartson when I used to support Celtic FC, albeit around five or six years ago. I never really paid attention to it though. I didn't know he had cancer though, that's a real shame because I think he is or was a good footballer. Good Luck John Hartson...
  15. I don't really care if it's gone, whether it be temporarily or permanently. I doubt that when they come back they will the biggest GTA site anymore. I wasn't banned, I was just bored of it and sick of the amount of spam on there so I never went on again. This was in Mid-2007 too, I doubt it would have changed much.
  16. Scott IS the funniest member you know. Enjoy your day!

  17. Nah... I was hungry. I only had a curry and a bowl of cereal to eat yesterday, that's it. (It's 7 am btw)
  18. Again thanks! So far I've been given £70 odd and it's only 5 am here. Dunno why I'm up so early today, it's gonna be a long-ish day.
  19. Happy Birthday Huck... and thank you Steam and Ryder Johnson.
  20. Happy Birthday Dark Lord! Have fun.
  21. Happy Birthday TM. Have a fun one.
  22. Thomas.

    GTA 5

    It's original purpose: Grand Theft Auto. It has diverted off this course quite a bit since the first game.
  23. Thomas.

    GTA London

    I know but it's much more common in America.
  24. Thomas.

    GTA London

    I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of GTA London. I do like Liberty City being the main setting for the series but it is getting quite old and boring being in the same city, based on New York City. London would be an ideal place for the game, it is a large city, it has a unique culture and it's in a different country. In future GTA games I would like to see difference, for example: Different Country: - Different Culture (In a different country from America you won't find people going 'yo', 'what's up homedog/shen') - Differing Accents (I'm a bit fed up of the American accent (No offense)) - Different Guns and Vehicles (I prefer Peugeot, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz remakes) - Different side of the road (UK, Japan, India, Australia = Left hand side of the road whereas Canada, France, Germany, China = Right hand side of the road; can change the whole game.)
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