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    GTA 5

    I like the idea of a next game having a gang culture but I don't really think it should be set in America. I've always been high on London being the next game although it is very unlikely. I thought GTA San Andreas was a little bit weird in the way that every other gang apart from the Triads hated Grove Street. I wouldn't mind having the ability to choose what gangs your gang would ally with. But, I just don't think a gang culture is really the point in GTA Games. I liked how GTA IV was made, there was hardly any interference with the gangs during gameplay but you could hear about it on Weazel News that the Lost were fighting. Gang Culture doesn't suit GTA.
  2. Happy Birthday Steam, I know I've kinda already said this to you but there's no harm doing it more than once.
  3. Yeah, that's really what's getting on my nerves too. Last week, I wouldn't have even thought about listening to his music but now I've wanted to ask my dad for his CD so I can put it on my Xbox. I didn't realise I liked his music as much as I did.
  4. To be honest, I've joked a bit regarding his death, but I do find him a legendary and honorable person, being that he was a part of practically every child who were born or lived in the 80s and 90s, and listened or danced to his songs during their childhood, including me. He was a part of me, I can tell you that. I loved his music, I used to sing along to it but then towards the mid and latter 00s, I became less interested in his music, only liking two or three of his songs. But one of my most favourite songs by him has to be Billie Jean. I also like Thriller, that was quite good.
  5. I haven't heard any jokes today. Last week my friends usually like to make jokes but I think they respect him. It's disrespectful joking about someone who's dead, although I did do it about Jade Goody but she was just awful and racist.
  6. Rest in Peace - Michael Jackson I never really took any interest in his music and I can personally say that after the child molestation a few years ago, I wasn't really impressed by him. But, he did produce some very good music and he was one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. I was watching the news last night (around 23:00 BST) when I first heard about it. I think only Sky News was reporting that Michael Jackson had died but the BBC, LA Times and New York Times were reporting he had a Cardiac Arrest. He WILL be missed.
  7. Happy Birthday mate! I hope you had a good day.
  8. Boxers because they are more comfortable. I have hundreds of boxers but hardly any of the others mentioned.
  9. There was a fight at my school today, it seemed pretty feeble though. Two guys almost bitchslapping each other, usually when there's fights I try to keep a distance away. Fights seem to be quite popular at my school
  10. Up here school finishes on the 26th of June but we probably get more holidays than other places (for example: October holiday for a week, several one/two day holidays throughout the year).
  11. I hate it when it does that too but it happens to me very rarely at any of the safehouses. It seems to happen to me when: 1) ONE car and TWO motorbikes - hence causing either the car or one of the motorbikes to disappear. 2) TWO cars but one isn't parked properly within the yellow lines 3) Some idiot has bumped your vehicle soon after you left the safehouse. It also seems that they disappear after you reload the game, it doesn't disappear when in the one session.
  12. I still think that you look like Doctor Who in that picture. Me after climbing a mountain which is about 4000 metres high in India. Had to practically crawl on my own in the snow to reach the peak. Did that for my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. Doctor Who and his sidekick(?) Anyway, I'll have to do that Duke of Edinburgh award thing in about a year. My history teacher leads it in my school and tells me all about it and what it's like. I think we'd have to climb Ben Nevis or go hillwalking around Central Scotland... sounds fun.
  13. That's my sister, she's 13 years old Yeah, she's very ill though. She has fits every months or so (falls on the floor, kicks her legs around and starts biting people but recovers in an hour or so) She's great all the time though.
  14. I don't have many good photos, my best: My ultimate best of the last couple of years. Birthday last year - seen before My worst: via Webcam.
  15. I occasionally and unintentionally make weird faces when I have my photo taken... But I never post them unless it's funny, that reminds me, someone took a picture of me and I looked like Gordon Brown.
  16. One of my very best photos from this year.I may have posted it before in the FFM private forum but not in here. I may have another photo after my hair has been cut. You look a little bit startled it that
  17. Since I posted that it has changed, it's been 4 months since I posted that so obviously my view will have changed. Four door: Oracle (Usually in black or blue) and Sultan (Usually in white or red) 4x4: Huntley Sport (Usually in black or grey) and Landstalker (black or red) Two door: Sentinel (I love black and grey sentinels) Sports car: Turismo (Yellow or red), Comet (Yellow or Silver) and Super GT (I much prefer this over the other sports cars; in dark grey and dark red) Industrial: Boxville (It's always been my favourite industrial vehicle and always will) Emergency: FIB Buffalo (Speedy but is very rare) Favourite vehicles that aren't cars: Boat: Squallo Helicopter: Maverick Motorbike: NRG-900 In General, my most favourite vehicle is the Super GT but my least favourite vehicle is the Uranus - it looks far too old fashioned for me and it looks almost the same from San Andreas.
  18. I much prefer the Comet in both performance and looks but it isn't my favourite sports car - not Turismo either. Comet's seem to suit a lot more colours than the Infernus, I really think the Infernus really only suits red and orange but the Comet seems to suit yellow, red, silver and a whole rainbow of colours. But the Infernus is fast, I can't say it's not but in my opinion it's an ugly car. Super GT is great though, it's also very rare.
  19. Vice City, I liked how different it is compared to the other games and how it, in my opinion, sounded better than most.
  20. Happy Birthday Gerard! No longer a teenager. Enjoy your birthday!
  21. I don't often come on MSN anymore. I've been on for around 2 years and it's beginning to become boring. :P I have Facebook though, it's better than MSN in my opinion.

  22. Nah there ain't no copyright here. Anyway. what happened to your forum, I keep seeing "IPS System Error" or something.

  23. Even though the elite group would be replaced with this idea, could it still be possible to have a somewhat smaller alternative to the current group with a completely different name and more active members. Obviously the importance of an alternative elite group would be limited but it would be smaller and possibly more respected. Look at the current elite group for example: Hardly any members come on everyday or at least once a week. Because of the above, it isn't really known by the newer members and has faded away. The last members to be added to the group were in 2007 - albeit soon after I joined. The only member of the group who seems to come on is Bear. This makes me think that the elite group should be restarted and not fully replaced by the experts system. The experts only specialise in a certain topic and anyone can become one but can anyone become an elite? All I think the elite group needs is a revised list of members - some of whom deserved to be elites but haven't been on for months or years.
  24. Ah cool. I suppose you had exams - I had to sit the SQA exams a few weeks ago. If you still have exams then good luck (I know that Higher and Int 2 have exams this week). Anyway because of your inactivity you were kicked out of the gang but you can rejoin if you want.

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