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  1. or for the bike salesroom in staunton island next to the firestation
  2. I was playing GTA VCS 1 hour ago
  3. Favorite Car: Banshee Favorite Bike: PCJ-600 Favorite Boat: Squalo Favorite Heilcopter: Maverick
  4. do some taxi missions and keep the TIP METER high.
  5. Guns 'n' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
  6. Yes, it did but that's not something really to complain about. Chainsaws are really rare even though there is one in OCEAN BEACH. I also think that the amount of buyable properties is so crap.
  7. In San Andreas when C.J gets that garage, he talks about claude and calls him that Mute Mother****er lol I Think he was mute because the previous games had slightly muted Characters.
  8. lol no they're not because all the rest has a radio but not Vigilante missions
  9. Why cant they play the games before they start making crappy comments. I don even think Rockstar will ever include children and selling pornography to them.
  10. My Favourite is Rodeo because i just like it
  11. My Favourite Maverick because i just like it
  12. Mines is the Shamal because its fast and has an incredible height amount
  13. i like the hunter because its so cool and you can shoot rockets from it
  14. cool story. it sounds and looks so real
  15. I just got upgraded to monster because i won 30,000,000 dollars in a betting shop
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