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  1. I only like the airport on shoreside because its easier to get to than the rest of shoreside. The reason i like Staunton the best is because its the longest island with more roads and more Sports Cars and is one of the easiest islands to get around in. I like Portland because of the El-Train track and its the easiest to get around in
  2. excellent and brilliant layout
  3. i hope it does have snow it will probably be one the best feature in the game
  4. Also the Dirt Track on the beach has 'Disapeared'. But you have more enterable buildings and better save houses. "Phils Place", "The Compound" and a Luxury Flat what Lance Bought for you.
  5. You can also.... *Search For Hidden Packages *Kill Frenzy or Rampages *Taxi *Vigilante *Paramedic *Firefighter *Unique Jumps
  6. nice find man i will try these tomorrow morning
  7. Someone please close topic because it works now
  8. Hell yeah, I remember as soon as Lance or I shot one of Diaz's gang members in the hip, blood started spurting from his leg during the cutscene where Diaz came out of his room. I liked that too. also i quite like the final mission cutscene where lance bretrays (Lance The Backstabber) Tommy Vercetti
  9. I agree totally because it would be awesome see it in present time newer buildings a newer malibu, newer Malls ect
  10. i hate Shoreside Vale because its quite dificult getting one place to another. For Example If you are at the Airport and dont want to use the porter tunnel then its quite dificult unless you dont want to do the unique jump. Map of Shoreside http://www.gtaunderground.com/LibertyCityS...deValeItems.png
  11. I hope A "NEW" Vice City is on it a Better on with it bigger than VC and VCS
  12. it probably will be in Early 2004- Late 2006
  13. i've just taken all of them and they chased me but i went and saved they were still after me so i reset the PS2 and they were gone
  14. yeh it must be also they might have the same location names like "St Marks" or "Portland"
  15. and while your doing the Side-missions you'll be pushing up your percentage aswell
  16. yeah they were quite easy because i completed it within 2 days. also the construction was ok and i love the new dirt track in downtown
  17. No kids because its just sad to go down the street and kill one with a drive-by.
  18. that was before sher-e-india was formed because they were formed 2 hours after
  19. no im not in a gang but 3 days ago i tried applying for dragon stealths but no reply from the don
  20. same. I quite like portland apart from the south of it
  21. ok. i dont know whats wrong it happens when i tested to see if it worked on the "United States Police Department" and it didnt
  22. What a diference. I mean GTA 3 has to be the worst 3D GTA game.
  23. welcome to the forums im farely new aswell but im enjoying myself
  24. i am trying to apply for Sher-E-India but it works with my other username "Thomas 765"
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