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  1. can i get a baseball bat will send $45 if u have any in stock
  2. I also enjoy the Wu Zi Mu Mission Cutscenes (Especialy the one one where Woozie is in the closet with the lights off in the "Bank" Missions and the one where Woozie is playing golf and one of his men cheat.) I also enjoy the cutscene where you have to parachute on "Madd Dogs" Mansion
  3. i kicked the floor. btw how can u type if you got your limbs eaten by a shark lol
  4. Right? I Injured my foot while swimming
  5. that sounds really painful
  6. Thanx and i probably will. because im already enjoying myself
  7. The Zero Mission Cutscenes Were good and..... The Introduction Movie with the soundtrack (When CJ was in liberty city)
  8. same but its probably not us who are causing the plane to not get to the corona its the Handling of the Crappy Nevada
  9. cheetah or Dodo both can getaway defonately
  10. vice cities phil because he looks more realistic
  11. Commercial Island (Staunton) Has to be the best
  12. The Zero Missions are my Least Favourite because i cant stand "ZERO"
  13. and thtas probably the reason the exterior diferent than in VICE CITY
  14. i dont really think they might set it that far in the future but its very good possibility
  15. I prefer PS2 controller but i dont have an X-Box so i wont know the controller. But i think using the PC would be the hardest because there is so many buttons to press
  16. Example Woozie - The Da Nage Thang --------------- My Favourite Sweet - End of The line because you get to kill over 200-300 people and chase a firetruck
  17. favourite town has to be Las Venturas or Dessert
  18. i cant wait i mean we find out alot in the trailer
  19. More realistic Car horns, Engine Car Oil Leaks Car runs out of fuel Plane Runs out of fuel All guns equipped with a "Paid for" silencer More "Realistic" Interiors Kids and animals on the streets ect
  20. It Might be set 10 years from now in the future. but i hope it is set in 2006/2007 time period
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