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I'm not doing too bad in school, it's not like I don't understand the stuff, it's more of I'm too lazy to do the work...

I have a C in math I think

No idea what I have in reading, probably B or C

A in Language

C/D in History

B in P.e.

A/B in Science.

Man school wa sawesome today! There was a fight in my History class, some kid threw a paperball at the girl sitting behind him and then she slapped him across the face and he got up and threw down his chair and yelled "YOU DID NOT JUST frolicking HIT ME YOU BITCH!" then they were about to fight but the teacher dragged him out into the hallway and ###### him down I think, then the other classes came out into the hallway and crap. They had to call the administrators.

:D My school has lots of fights

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Hey, why dont we use this topic to revive the old forum's classic 'funny stuff that happened in school' topic? Remember, where Lance claimed to have burnt down half his school? *cough* liar *cough*.

Some kids were kicking a ball about on the playground the other day, and one of them chipped it really hard... and the ball sailed through the air... and the staff room window got in the way... and glass shattered and the ball continued to sail through the air... then the History teacher got in the way... and the boy who kicked the ball did not get off lightly.

I got told off in Science for asking too many questions...

And a friend got sent out of RS for having to sharpen his pencil too often (We had to draw a piccy of the Garden of Eden... that uses up a lot of green, and my RS teacher isnt very patient.)

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Why do you guys hate school so much? Is it just because its boring, or do you find it hard?

Oh, thats right, everyone says it's "easy". So then it must be boring. Don't get me wrong, school is boring. But what else would you do with 7 more hours in your day? Sleep, then play MORE GTA? It would make it much harder to meet girls, as well. Now not meeting girls is a serious problem, much more than bordem.

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