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Which sports do you watch mostly?

Witch sport(s)you watch mostly?  

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  1. 1. Anwser

    • American Football
    • Europian Football
    • Basketball
    • Tennis(Table Tennis)
    • Moto-Sports
    • Some other one

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Spell 'European' properly, 'Europian' I overlooked rather easily. Anyway, I watch Football mainly, but I also watch Tennis, Rugby, Athletics and Skiing. I also regularly check the European Football tables to see how they're getting on.

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None. I don't find much fun or satisfaction in lying in a chair and watching a TV. Sometimes (like once in 2 weeks) I watch TV and if something related to the sport's on, there is a chance I'll spend a bit to watch it. It's either something like basketball, handball or tennis or some extreme sports. Oh, and I find football very boring :zZZ:

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Heh, maybe. Well I love watching American football when the season is on, once in a while basketball (more so last year and more during the playoffs), same thing with hockey (like right now) and European Football/Soccer once in a while as well or during championships. After basketball and hockey playoffs finish I won't have any sports to watch... :( Maybe soccer though.

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