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Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay


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As many of you know, earlier today Take-Two announced that GTA IV would be delayed into 2008. Well, the reasons behind the delay are now a bit clearer. Two Take-Two execs have shed some light on the delay, going on to say that the reason behind the delay were "almost strictly technological problems... not problems, but challenges". The guys, (Strauss Zelnick, Ben Feder) mentioned that they were "highly confident" that Grand Theft Auto IV would ship in the games new "release window" (Q2 2008).

When they were asked if either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 were the problem, they responded by saying "I know there have been rumors in the marketplace about frame rate and some other issues. We don't think it's helpful or beneficial to go into exact details of what the technological issues are. We're pushing the envelope on both the platforms." Looks like neither consoles in particular were the root of the issue causing the delay, I'm assuming that the PS3 version of the game being "two weeks behind" wasn't the issue. The "final say" in delaying the game was made by Zelnick, but he stresses that delaying the game was nothing that him, nor Rockstar Games took lightly.

When asked about the Xbox 360 downloadable episodic content packs, Zelnick said that the delay won't effect the deal, and they aren't "...gonna send money back to Microsoft." I'm assuming that the first episodic content pack will go on sale via the Xbox Live Marketplace extremely soon after the game is release - which is good! On a side note, the guys mentioned ManHunt 2. Saying they won't give out a release date until the game receives an "M for Mature" rating.

All of this information was released at Take-Two's "conference call" earlier today. At least we now know exactly what happened! The press release didn't exactly give us many reasons, so it's good to know what was the actual cause before rumors about "the PS3 being the reason", or "the Xbox 360 being the reason" started to pop up. To be honest, this isn't exactly a bad thing. There are many great titles hitting both consoles this fall, the time will fly by!

Source: Kotaku.com

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oh man... it has been delayed??? oh well, at least we will have something more in the GTA IV features right?

i already expected this, i mean if R* wants GTA IV to be the perfect game for us, it must be delayed, besides, putting it on October is overrated, and risks some competition with HALO 3 and many perfectly designed game that'll come out around christmas and new year.

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Oh well it means there some extra money that you buy one of the other good games coming out this year :thumbsup:

And btw GTA: SA came out the same time as Halo 2 and I dont think there was much competition

yeah, but people will be confused on what to buy if they didn't have that much money, they have to choose one of them, and from my opinion, i think Halo is one of the most addicting game of all time, besides GTA

i hope they'll change GTA IV good, and more cool features, maybe they will have time to improve the cellphone Niko uses

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I heard from another source that another reason for the extension was that a small audience tested GTA4 along with two other games. Because they gave the games bad ratings, the release date was extended. Anyone else know about this?

Can't be the reason as two many independant games reviewers tested it and none of them gave GTA a bad rating and thats the only code thats about for independant testers and game magazine/website companys....I'de imagine unless they've played a new bit and it had some major bugs that could'nt be fixed easily

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As much as it sucks to wait longer, I'd rather wait for them to fix the problems than have another piece of buggy software.

I loved "Scareface: the World is Yours" until I ran into glitches. The developer/publisher had a lousy attitude about support

& I will never buy another product from them.

R* did the right thing w/ this.

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Hey ppl some of the plus points of the delay:

1>We will divert our attention from SA/VC Stunting later..

2>They're definitely gonna make it look better..cooler..

3>(personal reason)I wont be lagging behind in GTA4's progress due to preparation for my exams in feb-mar, as I have played both SA & VC long after the whole world did it..its one of the happiest news for me ppl..that i too will play with ya'll since one of the most important exams will b over.

U kno, i was kinda disappointed b'coz of gta4's release in oct.. But i'm happy now....

hope u all will join me in my joy.... TGTAP Rocks!!!!!!

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