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Sorry guys. I'm one fearless mother fucker. Can't think of a single fear. I conquored them all, you should too. I was scared of high places and the dark (more or less what was IN the dark). I had an influence, a person. Criss Angel, now you all may not believe in magic, but believe. Believe in yourself and in what he says. You will get rid of your fears as well. Promise.

@ hunter88888: dude. that helps. im also a fearless mother ****er. Lol.

but, seriously.

i also did what he said. i conquored ALL of them. believe me or not, your choice.

cause, u havnt try it. and we did.

so there is really an answer of people saying.. "he's lying".. "they're lying"..

you'll be like one fearless mother ****er..

till you try overcoming them..

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I have a fear of small spaces, and being trapped..I go psycho mad when that happens..

Same, actually.

I fear stuff happening.. well, i'm just one paranoid mother fucker. But i live by the phrase 'fortune favours the brave', so it balances out...

I have a weird thing with heights. If i'm high up, i can look down no problem, but i can't look up.

GF's mum has a fear of buttons XD

Looking down is easy, but once I look up my balance starts to go.....

Then you're all floaty and feel like you're about to fly off, right?

Yes, actually.

And sorry, claiming a belief isn't believing something. It takes a lot more than saying you believe to actually believe. And fear a deep hard-coded thing that isn't that easy to over come. Sure, you can disable it in extreme or emergency type of situations, but that doesn't exactly mean you conquered it. Go ahead, though, believe you're "fearless".

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Wow, i'm not just totally weird... People share my fear. :P

I have a fear of small spaces too... interesting story behind it...

I was in a village a few miles away, with a couple of mates who i used to go to school with, a few years ago.

Big cardboard box, just big enough to accomodate one very short person...i.e. Me.

Big hill, grassy all the way down, in My mates back garden.

I get sealed in, ready to get my 5 quid (yeah, i made them pay to watch me do it)

My friend claims i need air holes, so gets out his pocket knife, and begins to stab holes in it. Over my face.

I didn't get skewered, but when i got out that box i was crapping myself. Five pound richer, but crapping myself.

I forgave the guy, never see him anymore, but... eh...

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I agree Wheelman101. I just can't turn a corner on that without seeing some type of Zombie. I'm stuck at the Ravenholm bit because I don't know what is around the corner. I've killed the Zombie by the tree with half a Body on a rope, one that Is stuck against the wall by blade and one in the room next to the Zombie against the wall.

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The secret to ravenholm = Saw blades, always have one loaded up, ad your finger on trigger. Good for cutting 3 zombies in a row in half... ;)

If you're good, you won't lose much ammo.

Meh, I'm scared of failure. Which is weird, cos... I'm kinda accustomed to it anyways.... Also, i fear rejection, which is weird, for much the same reason.

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crazy chicks with tazer guns....

Leave your love life out of this! (just hardcore'n you a little :lol: ).

I don't know if I'd call it a fear, but getting old bothers me. Some days I feel like I'm falling apart at the seems & don't want

to think about 20 years from now.

The thought of you guys talking to my daughters on the other hand, scares the hell outta me. :weird:

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crazy chicks with tazer guns, they are finally selling tazer guns to the public, its ruffely 250/300 bucks to buy and the way its supposed to be used is you shoot it once, drop it, then run, but you will get a new one if you bought it at a gun shop

Ummm.... In America I do believe you can get tazer guns already.... Just have to know where to look. Not to mention the endless variety of regular old tazers.

The thought of you guys talking to my daughters on the other hand, scares the hell outta me. :weird:

Aww, me and Chestnut would take good care of your daughters. You can trust your fellow Dragons.

Never let me babysit. I'm a horrible influence. o.o

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I have a fear of being caught masturbating in a public bathroom. Irrational, I know. :nope:

do you masturbate in public toilets? :wtf:

anyway, i fear that i will get testiclular cancer. i know that may sound stupid, but testicular cancer seems to happen for no apparent reason. and i have the worst luck in the world, so....yeah

another thing, i really hate being in crouded places outdoors. but it doesent bother me if its crouded indoors, which is very weird

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