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Any way of removing scratches from PS2 games?


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Just get a disc scratch remover product, I'm sure there are tonnes of them out there, it's just a case of what one to use. Here's a website that seems okay:


Or, you could try it yourself, but it MIGHT make it worse so be careful if you do try this:


Just have a look around and see what one is perfect for you, Ebay and Amazon might have some good stuff as well.

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Do NOT buy a Disc Doctor or any similar products. They do nothing and may make your situation worse.

Really? Mine worked so well I literally wore it out.

But than, if he already has to replace the disc, he's not really losing much. Try your local gamestore, see if they can clean

up the disc. Around here (Midwestern US) I think the going rate is $4-$5 (US)

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