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What rules do you have in your house


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I don't really have any rules, except for no swearing I guess. I swear when I get angry or when I've accidentally kicked my foot against a cupboard door, and I presume that's acceptable. I don't have any limits for when I sleep, but if I have to get up at 7:00AM for Uni, I go to bed 11:00PM or 11:30PM. When I don't have to get up, it's usually 10AM, and I'd go to bed at 1:30AM or 2:00AM. Recently it's been 2:00AM. :) I help out with the dishwasher and other things, so I don't really need rules.

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I never really had any rules once I got above the age of 13. I like going to bed early so it never was a problem. I also usually woke up for school at 530 ... even though I didn't have to leave until around 745

Fuck, I have to wake up at 5AM EVERY weekday and leave for school at 6:30. I hate mornings so much.

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