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Don't you find it strange?

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That Ken Rosenberg part was funny. Where did everyone go? Lance show up once you get out of your safe, Sonny just disappears until he comes inside. But Ken Rosenberg was funniest, he simply disappears and suddenly shows up when the mission is done.

And remember! who is shooting who in "Keep Your Friends Close..." when you are on the roof. Just go inside again, and you'll hear hundreds of gunshots inside while your the only target.

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well like people say he is an italian tony montana and tony in the movie while in the hot tub watching TV with his wife and friend there after she leaves his friend says he has a date and tony says "thats your problem you care more about the ladies then you do the money" being like tony tommy probably didn't want to get caught up in it

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Don't you find it strange that in Vice City,

-All the cops look the same?

-Repairing a Ferrari, A Stretch, or a Helicopter only costs a 100 dollars?

-That a few punches kills someone?

-Everytime Tommy touche ssomeone, they move as though they were pushed?

-That all the pools are about knee deep?

-That all closed doors are sealed shut?

-That you can put on clothes in 2 seconds by gettubg a magical twirling icon?

-That Ken Rosenburg dissapeared and survived Keep your Friends Close...? I mean the guy was standing RIGHT next to Lance and Sonny, and he didn't have a gun!

-That some building's look like they're open, but they're really drawings on the wall?

-That Lance Vance didn't change his name if he was so bothered by it?

-That Tommy's henchmen are only two kinds?

-That Tommy's bodyguards don't shoot people who are shooting you?

-That Tommy's thugs stand there and take a beating from Tommy?

-That there are mysterious messages everywhere from a strange unknown company called Rockstar who Tommy would have no idea about?

-That some pervert actually got a pool on Starfish Island that looked like a woman with a bikini?

most of those things are what make grand theft auto games so enjoyable.i mean in gta 4 if you drive a car off the tallest buiding and don't jump out, :lolbounce: you survive.

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It was made in 2003.

But yeah, this stuff is strange. Did I also mention you only lose 30 HP after using a trainer to teleport yourself to 999 in Z? And when you fall theres a good chance it wont load the ground lol.. And if you drive a caddy/bike into the Malibu before you purchase it (with a mission marker there) look out!!!

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