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Avatars and Signatures


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It really depends if you ask me.

First off, adding alot of grunge to a signature does make it look overdone, but sometimes, that's the point of the sig, whether it has to have this type of texture.

Secondly, adding grunge effects make the sig look dirtier and more realistic (If you're a texture artist making a dirty wall texture, you need quite a lot, if not a little grunge), and it also gives out a different sides to signatures/avatars.

Thirdly, having a plain and simple sig doesn't give much appeal, so textures like Abstract, Grunge, Vector and many others would give it more appeal. It's like we don't care for detail... But when it comes to making a signature, you NEED detail in order to get members to look at your work, or it would just bore the living hell' out of people. If not many details have been given, your signature wouldn't show it's stuff.

I believe overdoing the grunge effect is okay, but it really depends on the point of signature/avatar. If you want more grunge to show on your sig, then you would have to, if you don't want that much, then you don't need to add much at all like crazy.

I for one use the grunge effect (As most of you know), and it really shows personality, if not, the "Life" of the signature. And when it comes to making it, I try to make it different, so I change the opacity (Transparent to Thick) and make the grunge different.

So really, even if you overdo a specific type of effect, it still looks good as long as you know where you placing it, and how you edit it when you feel it needs editing.

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