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hi iam new here i registerd cuz i got no life........... :lolbounce: ok nuff said how do i upload i got likt a 100 cleos i never seen on this site i 1st choice was gta forums but there assholes (the admin) hope u guys ur kinder here o i for got this is my 1st time posting in my life o i found an upload button :coolthumbup: i dont know how it works but ill give it a go...................

Welcome, all new members. :) Stick around and have fun.

what in the bag? tomatos?


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Hello I am Ash, I used to have an account "Ash-Bash" But some how I have forgotten the Email address I used for it, The password, And the user name -_- <Phail.

Anyway You will have to treat me like any other new member because I can't really remember anything about this but any way I am back and here to stay :).

- Ash.

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Sup... I'm Remix... new here, but not new to GTA

Hope we get along well


- Remix

Haha. I'm sure you won't find it hard to get along at lest with the cool people of the forum. Well welcome to The GTA Place man. If you're not familiar with our forum rules, then I'd take a look at them. It's better to be safe then sorry. :)

I say welcome to everyone else that's new to the forum, and as most people here say for some reason, enjoy your stay!

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