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Well, better late than never...

Hello, I'm RiderFan. I've been around the internet for a while now. Some may know me from 4chan (mostly /e/, but there were too many bastards there so I quit that board). Some may know me from Danbooru.

I've gotten better at manipulating textures and models over the past few months, and might post some for you all.

I'm active on this forum now since Jcafe24 is down...

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hi every one how r u i have just joined the forums my name is kanja malik and i'm from

pakistan and 19 years old i love the gta games and here is an wondrful atmosphere in forums

i love and like this forums and i hope all members and modraters and adminstrators will help and support me

god bless all :coolthumbup:

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hey all im a new to thegtaplace.com ive been modding gta games for myself for years now.(since GTA3) most of my mods in the past were image based but ive done a few models for the gta games over the years... none ever uploaded which is a big regret :D

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