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yo whazzap im some random 13 year old male person from slovenia

i mod vice city (mainly car mods(death to vice city mod installer :pissedred: )) also umm some building textures and all kind of stuff

but yeh mostly experienced in installing car mods

not actually making em....i gotta try that though

well enough blablablaing ill get back to searching the forums

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I'm new too.

About me: 17 years old, lives in the United States, wants to go to Tokyo Japan but doesn't have the money yet. Loves GTA San Andreas.

Very close to importing my own models into San Andreas (made with gmax) but has run into a small obstacle, could use some help.

I'll probably be spending time here in the modding sections, and maybe a little in the general chat area.

My favorite GTA is SA obvously, my second favorite is GTA IV due to the increased realism.

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Thanx Warrior13, I love that movie The Warriors! :)

Anyway, does anyone here know anything about modding? Specifically with gmax; I'm having trouble exporting my model...


I haven't watched the movie yet, only played the game :P

I only do retexture modding (still practising though) so I don't know

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Hey all, i've just joind, I'll try to be as active as possile, but Mafiascene.com takes up time along with 2 other sites i run, ive played all th GTA's, but i always found the story a bit lack luster, and the driving on SA was pretty bad on pc unless you got a controller mod to use a steering wheel, but GTA IV has really done nicely with th driving, weapons realism is appauling, im a weapons buff and you'll come to know that, so since im enjoying th game i'll come and post here, see you around ;)

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Hey, what's up guys? Names Flowzer, but you can call me Flowz for short. :) I got GTA SA for PC, newly bought from Wal-Mart for 10 bucks. I got it on Sunday, July 26th, 2009. As I said before, newly bought. I'm lookin to become an awesome stunter, because I've seen so many of XSA and TMS videos, I've become a freak over trying to do some awesome stunts and makin a few good videos. I have a laptop though and no mouse so it kinda makes it a little bit harder for me to move the camera around and stuff. Any tips for a newbie? That's all I got for now, peace.

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