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Howdy all, my first time on this site I've been a total Sims 1 & 2 addict, (am waiting for no 3) and have now become a total San Andrea's can't get enough. :clapping: I've done a bit of modding for sims 2 so I thought I'd check out this site and see how it works for San Andreas.

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Hey all! I'm lordician!

I've been using these mods on this site often.. Certainly now i resurrected my vice city again :lolbounce:

I hope you guys have a great time too. :lol:

I have been editing scripts and shit in vice city very often, for help you CAN ask me..

But don't ask too much.. Long time ago since my last editing...

Edited by lordician
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Hey folks. Names David or dew. GTA Fan for years and years and years but new to the Forums. Was a loyal Playstation user until GTA IV, Couldn't justify the cost of a PS3 so got a 360 Elite cheap and love it.

GTA IV is brilliant imo. Best of the series so far. Looking forward to getting stuck into the forums.



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