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Glad to hear that Gta masta, you have gotten a lot of posts in one day. :cigar:

ok maybe 2 but i like posting and helping with gta

and i finally find a great gta site

i hope to one day be able to be a respected member or maybe even a mod!!

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Hi, I'm new (at the moment) and I'm looking forward to GTA:SA for the PC and modding it! I made a bunch of mods for VC, including the first nude stripper skin, the Wendy's van, and me and my friend released Phil's Delorean for VC with a few new features.

I'm a global moderator on another IPB, so I know how to behave myself :innocent:

Can't wait till SA comes out for PC, I'm quite moist :dribble:

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Hi, im new in da forums but i keep comin here for mods news and all this is certainly my No.1 GTA site


Hey,can anyone help me i just completed NFSU(twas like :bashhead: )

and i want to convert nfsu cars tovc??


thanks anyone and everyone who helps me

Theres a time to live,

            Theres a time to die,

              But isnt it Strange,

              As soon as your born

              You die again

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