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Hi everyone, Is this forum still alive? ^^ I'm new, just joined cus i need help with making skins, it might be easy - tough i have no idea. Anyho, call me Miff.

howdy :P

do ya only want to make tatoos and outfit txd's or change the model. Cause if you wanna change the model and don't know how...

welcome to hell

Anyway just make a tread and a lot of peaple are likely to help.

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Yo people, this is Masamune3570, I just joined, and theres something big going down right now at a site called www.gamefaqs.com. Right now, the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise, is facing off against Warcraft in a big time series poll, and Warcraft is currently ahead by a couple hundred votes. Hopefully you guys here can help GTA out!

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hi everybody,i jouned this site because,there is a "funny" mistake in the bmwM5e60_motzi mod and i wanted to let people and the guy himself to know.

the handling line must be written with caps lock ,i mean the sultan part

i could tell a very long story about how i accidentli found what messed up my game audio and why i didnt see the new bmw,

well thats long enough,i must get back to san andreas now ;)

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