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Hi I just registered to this forum, and from what I seen it seems peeps are nice here, am I right?;)

I am really new on many things like, i been using ps2 all my life, and now I desided to start using pc for gaming, first games i got for pc were gt3 and vice city, as I played them before.

When I used to play playstation 2 I really love games where can create own charachter, so I always made them etc.

So when I noticed that I can modifye/do skins for gt3 and vice city, since that I been trying to find out more how to make modifications.

I already made one skin for vice city, spend quite time whit that.

I sended here by filling out the form and I hope it will aproved:D

Anyhows, I desided to register to this forum due i really like this page, its polite and everything is nicely explained here.

If anyone knows can other pc games be modified similarly to gta, and where to get info on that I would like to know that too.

I hope this is enough introduction on me:)

Newbie says HI and will thank you very much from any help now and in future.

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Um hi im new as you can tell and stuff....im 15 and i call myself zamber i don't know why so please don't ask :unsure: i like all the gta games infact most not all of the rockstar games :worship: to me the funnest gta is san andreas

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wow, there are surly a lot peeps comming hey,

just 1 thing 2 say: Welcome :) I'm here 2 months now and it's realy fun so...

Yeah you're right, there's a lot of people joining which is a good thing! I have also been posting here for 2 months now also and I agree it's a great site and it's fun to talk with other people about GTA! Welcome to the forums people!

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