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I've been registrered for a while, but don't think I've posted (haven't looked at my post count to see). Anyways, some of you may now me as a mod on gtawh, but you probably won't know me from anywhere else. The forum looks good, I've just never gotten back around to it till now. Well, from here on out I'll probably become more active.

Don't be fooled by my name, it's just a dumb choice of a name that I'm pretty much known by now

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i am a new member here, i have been registered for a week but never got around to posting this. some people might know me as "The Game" from GTA-Nation and the GTA District. I am mod on both sites, or was till they got hacked.

Yo game its vincent.

welcome to the fourms.

it is sad that those two great sites had to fall to migilb.

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Hi everyone, i'm new here. I visit the site for info and downloads etc., but I thought I might as well join up and say a hi to everyone here. I'm a member of a forums that I already visit regularly, but I'll drop in here every once in a while. :D

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