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Hey yall My name is corey im 14 and I used to be a member on GTA district but I havent talked to skull or anyone from there in forever and I think there isnt a gta district anymore anyways yeah Im new here and just came to chill.

I remember you!. You were the one with you as your avatar. You had your middle finger up on it!.

Well I think thats you.

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Hey Im still new at this I cant figure out how to put a picture on my name like other peoples? I cant figure it out.

Hey, follow this link http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...rCP&CODE=24

Then either upload the picture on an image hosing site like tinypic.com or image shack and type the url in the 2nd box or upload it from your comp to the forum.

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Hi guys. :hi:

My name's Ryan and I live down under. (Australia)

I've been a GTA fan since GTA 1 and can't get enough, of the series.

I currently own...

GTA 3 (PS2)

GTA Vice City (PS2)

GTA San Andreas (PS2)

GTA San Andreas (XBOX)

GTA Liberty City Srories (PSP)

I used to own GTA 1 and 2, but sold my PS1 last year.

I'm pretty pumped about the new one coming out, so yeah, just a little something about me and why I'm here.

Hope to see you guys around the forums. :hi::)

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