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Greetings from the US Midwest - I am the Urban outlaw.

Short & Simple, a few years back I got a PS2 because someone owed about $20. Shortly after GTA3 landed in ou

house & I became ADDICTED!!!

Then I upgraded my PC & got Vice City & discovered the joy of editing .DAT files. All I wanted was a black Stinger.....

I ended up spending a month swaping out almost every vehichle in the game & editing the data files. Every mission

works as they did w/ the original models & files. If I can get permission from the people who made the models & texrures

I may even post as the Outlaw Spec '80s mod.

I actually got into a small argument w/ a manager at Best Buy for pushing back the release of GTA SA (I pre-purchased).

With SA Im starting to play around w/ script mods & some texture editing, so an early version of SA Outlaw Spec should

be ready soon featuring One Stop Shopping (LSPD/Dilimore HQ stocked) & Pull up your D@#^#$%# PANTS!! (Fix CJ's


I've played GTA3(PS2 & PC), Vice City(PS2 & PC), SA(PS2 & PC), & LCS (PS2) to 100%

VCS (PS2) has an elusive .8% I'm still looking for.

Also into Mafia (Liked), Unreal Tournement, (LET'S ROCK!!!), GUN, Scarface (BUZZKILL!) & am looking forward to

The Godfather.

Spent most of the last 20 years running pizza.

Have mowed my yard & Found automobiles.

Daily driver is 2000 Mustang.

Am HUGE gun nut (Own a lot of the weaponf from GTA).

Did I mention the Grandson I'm raising? Best advice to younger players is don't grow up completely, that's when you

get old.

BTW, like the site.

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Hello guys! I am pretty new to the whole forum thing so correct me if I make an ass of myself. I think most of you guys know my wife Jade. She had actually suggested this forum to me. I was just wondering if someone could make me a sig? I don't really care what it is, I just want a picture from any GTA game and Scorpio written in the bottom left or right. Thanks in advance and nice to meet all of you. Just remind me if I screw up so I can learn what the heck I am doing.

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