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I actually like Jessica. I know, you're all peeing your pants saying WHAT, JADE LIKES ANOTHER GIRL???? but yes, at first I was iffy about it but she turned out to be pretty cool and so not the type of female that I hate.

That makes my "I like these females" count to two here. This Keruri sounds cool but I never spoken to her yet.

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Hi people.

The less girls, the better.

yeah why??

less competition. lol probably not.

No and that is one reason why I don't like most other females. It's all about competition and to me, life is not about competition.

I grew up being more of a tomboy (yeah, I now I don't look like the type) but I was always into guy things. I hated most of the girls at school because they were immature. They were all about being slutty and thinking they were better than everyone else and I for one don't care about looks and I don't feel like sitting around all day talking about make up and barbies. I was the girl who talked about X-Men and cars growing up.

Let's just say that Bear is one of the only girls I think is pretty cool. She comes across as the tomboy type and doesn't do what 99% of other girls in forums do and post suggestive, slutty pictures of herself because she has self respect.

It has nothing to do with jealousy either because I am very confident with my looks and was never insulted about my looks. I just naturally hate most females for those reasons listed and many more.

mm good reason, but it would be a little less misogynistic sounding if you said "the less immature girls the better."

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