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Introduce Yourself..


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Welcome JC Denton, megee. Ghost105 and SilencedSMG. I hope you all have a good time here.

mornin all, been visiting the site for a few days and thought id contribute :lol:

Welcome, the more brits the merrier. w00t!

And dude, it's 11pm... mornin'!

Another Brit............Like us. Cool. Its mornin now though

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Hi everyone its Baron here. I jus joined so thought i might introduce ma self. As i am new here it doesn't mean dat i m new to GTA as i have played almost all part n done end of san andreas 6 times as it is one ov ma favorite games. I have got many views to share many secret to tell n also some glitches dat after seacrhing many sites i cant found posted any where. So as this is da site dat had helped me since i started with GTA so for me its worth joinin it...... i am one of da biggest helper of GTA in communities of Orkut. and i will try to participate here too as much as possible.

B out.


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Welcome Ferret, Enjoy yourself here and join a gang if you want

^ lol hint?

Hhaha yeah, welcome all, mods and admin are here to help. As are the elites.

Have a nice stay, read the rules, get to know the layout of the forums, put a sg and avy together if you plan to stay. Hit up the trading stalls if you don't wnna make your own..... :P

Hope to see you all around!


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