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Yes i am the gta fucking god and i will takeover this site....I fucks with ballaz and ill pop ya bitch as if ya gots anthing to say lol...na lemme stop fuccing round whats sup guys im new here can someone tell me how it work round here?

*Buys popcorn, watches 'takeover' attempt*

Erm... How it work round here? How it work is we have the rules. Read 'em.

Modest, too.

Welcome all new members, you should ALL read the rlues, get to know the layout, and if you're planning on staying , just generally familiarize yourself. The people with tags under their avatars like 'elite' 'moderator' 'super mod' or 'admin' are either well respected members, or forum staff, or both. Put a sig and avatar together too.... Helps people recognize you.

Why do people always post as soon as i click reply. *looks at Sky* Grrrr... <_<

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Modesty is the key to success 'bitch'. How it works: pretty simple actually. You make posts that contribute and have some content and enjoy being in this (gta)community. Coming to a new forum and saying "I'm going to take over" isn't the best way to gain respect or gain anything positive on a forum. Oh, and you can just type. No need of making in extra huge/small or changing fonts.

Welcome to the forums though.

Oh, and welcome to you too G101. What I said above wasn't aimed at you :)


Why was this guy banned?? :huh:

All new Members Welcome!

*couch*previously banned member*couch*

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Yay Canadians! *encourages Canadians*

Well, all of you seem to enjoy being on TGTAP, thats good....roam around the forums and see if you can find your kinda stuff, I'm sure you will.

Bored, take time to relax and visit Fun and Games forums !

Rest all, as ever, nice to see life here...HOSPITALITY from me to new members

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