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What do you hate about IV..?

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Shortage of garages, GTA4 needs a warehouse or similar you can buy. The parking spots look good in theory, but

idiot peds knock our cars out of them or you might park something else too close. I parked a heli on top of Playboy X's

& lost a Banshee & Contender parked out front, found the heli in their place. I wanted my cars back so I reloaded.

That's when I realized I completed 4 races & 2 missions since the last time I saved. :bashhead:

Changing clothes is clunky at best, takes too long. Should have stuck w/ SA setup.

Liberty screams for base jumping, parachute is a must have.

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I would of liked to of had lorries attach to trailers, car customization, more side missions, some kind of dirt bike track or racing arena, i am not really bother with there being no planes like R* said it would take a few seconds to cover the map. i aren't worried that features out of san andreas aren't in it beacause they can add these features in the next gta games. Like in GTA 3 you couldn't have bikes that upgraded with vice city and they had bikes that upgraded again and you could have mountain bikes in SA plus more motorbikes where included. you get the jist of it right.

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i would have to go with if you can have a camera

you get a camera on your phone after completing one of playboy x's missions...

yeah, but we barely use it in the game

i hate that there's no barbershop and workout stuff in IV, building your strengh from zero is absolutely cool, i can accept that there are no parachutes, planes & car mods, but c'mon. i changed CJ's appearance all the time, and now i can't change Niko's appearance besides changing clothes?? i could've played a barbie doll instead. (don't take that literally :P )

other than that, nothing

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What I want in GTA IV is more freedom, in SA you could just walk into any old building like a 24/7, you could just walk into a bar and just hang out, and more clothing options and customizing your charactor for your own liking such as tattoos and changing your hair and facial hair and working out to get the physique you want.

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Something like LCS and VCS are quick projects but not GTA 4. I think now that they have the technology and everything in hand and have learnt from technical things in GTA 4 it shouldn't take as long for the next GTA.

This is what people have to remember. Sure the consoles could handle more, but this was the first GTA EVER for this gen. I mean R* started off the same way, with GTA III.

I reckon they weren't comfortable, and concerntrated on the core gameplay first. I can see the next GTA adding alot more, because R* have a feel for everything now.

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Coz we were kept in suspence with billions of screens and trailers but when it came out it was hardly anything like what they said it would be like. I do like GTA IV but I think it's an embarresment to the GTA name. It has good physics and quality, sure, but I don't look for that in a game. I was playing Scarface yesterday and think it is better than GTA 4! But as I say it's a good game. Just not what I expected the 4th GTA series to be like. It's as if it took out everything you can do and just made the small city of graphics really good. We come from a whole state with country and desert to a single city with a few buildings that don't require loading? That's not much of an advancement to me. On SA the loading is worth-while....

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