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Only one infurnes..?

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if you drive the infurnes around the city others will spawn

what he said. apperently the car that you'r driving always keeps spawning near you. they've done that in all the gtas...

That's clumping, one of the ongoing headaches R* has tried to get sorted over the years. In Saint's Row, the cars

would spawn w/ various accessories & in various conditions to at least give the illusion of variety.

I've seen a couple (literally a couple) in traffic, I think in Star Junction & west Alderney (nice neighborhoods) but not


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I have never played single player past the first island and I've seen every car named in this thread. Not only driving around, but parked, too.

It's a game of odds, really.

Now that I recall, I remember seeing some high end vehicles earlier in the game, the Coquette for instance...that I haven't seen in quite a while, like since I opened the second island.

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