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GTA 5 Wishlist


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Realistic police (killing NPC's won't give you a wanted level if no one sees you). K-9 dogs. After 4-stars you will have to lose the helicopter following you to have wanted level go down. Wanted level is not as easy to lose like in IV.

Weapon System

Dual wielding pistols. Wider arrange of melee weapons. More fluid animations. More blood and gore. Weapon customization: silencers on pistols or rifles (like in the trailer)


Larger city (2x size of IV). Huge countryside with full size mountain range and forest. Desert terrain. Small cities and many side missions to particpate in.

More interiors, vertically too. High rise building. Ability to buy apartments, condos, houses.

A diverse weather system: at one point it could be sunny and then you have a thunderstorm. Heavy fog, beautiful sunsets and sunrise, or drought in some parts of the country.


Planes, car customization, body shops, bicycles, jet skis.


More stores! Suits for that party overlooking Los Santos or sweats when you have a messy job to take care of. Lots of different choices.


A long storyline (like IV). Character cameo's from IV or other GTA's.

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I'd like to see some returning characters from the GTA 3 era just because I'd like to see what they're up to now. Also, it would be cool if places like Grove Street were still around in the new Los Santos, though it probably won't be. Character customization on par with San Andreas would also be pretty cool. Additionally, I'd like there to actually be some stuff to spend money on especially once the game is finished. In GTA IV you couldn't purchase any property or buy any businesses. What's the point in having money if there's nothing to spend it on?

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Kinda wish a little more emphasis was put on the cars... I mean, no need to go all Need For Speed like with the details but you can't completely ignore the fact that Los Angeles (and Los Santos I guess) has one of the biggest car cultures in the world... if not the biggest.

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...just like there was in SA.


What? There was a fairly heavy emphasis on cars in GTA San Andreas, as annoying as that whole subculture is.

Not really. In fact I think IV focuses more on cars than any other GTA, but it's not near enough for a game where cars pay such an important role...

Sure SA has the lowrider contests and the customization, but otherwise cars are just as easy to ignore as in all the other GTA's.

But hey that was then, I hope they'll do better in GTA V. I can already see they put some more work in 'em with the convertibles....

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They only called it that because all you could pretty much do in the first GTA games was run around and steal cars. So like I said, go play Need for Speed or Burnout or something if you're not happy with the direction GTA has gone.

This again...

All I want is that a little more attention is given to the cars, you're acting like I want it turned into a racing game...

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I want a some deadly weapons, crazy cops, nice rides, better customization, more side missions, mansions, sexy girls etc.... Haha :D

Works for me.

Fine, my wishlist 2.0:

Vehicles, mainly cars and bikes:

-Easier to handle, best if it looks realistic and handles arcade, kinda like San Andreas but with physics.

-More air control like in San Andreas (being able to manipulate your car wile it's in the air, to do precise stunts and land jumps easily, exists in IV as well but it's barely usable). I so miss this.

-More solid but less stiff suspension. The cars in IV pan left and right as if the springs were replaced by sponges.

-Independent damage for every part, in IV the cars got damaged as if they were one solid piece The opposite would happen as well, car wouldn't take any visible damage but a door, hood or trunk would simply fall off it.

-More sports, muscle and hyper cars. Though it seems like they have that covered. I miss the lowriders, army vehicles etc as well.

-The ability to lower side windows and the ability to pick locks. Breaking a window would count as damage to the car.

-Store weapons in the trunk?

-Kidnapping people, ether by jumping in the car as passenger and putting a gun to their head or jumping in as driver and taking the passenger hostage.

-Solid car rims, AKA shoot only the tire to pop it.

-Customization, for all vehicles, including body mods, performance, custom paint (with vinyls and everything, nothing says custom like a paintjob), bulletproof glass, heavy armaments for heavy vehicles etc... the deeper the better (that's what she said) as long as the parts are well designed, like the cars so far...

-Garage, ether a ''store as many vehicles as you want'' type of garage or a really big one where you park as many vehicles as you can fit. The ability to park them on your property on in reserved space should be kept too though. (Parking my Comet in front of the Playboy Mansion... leet)

-Vehicle ownership? Storing stolen vehicles is ok but it would be cool if, besides that, you could also buy cars that would actually belong to you, cars that you could lock, that would respawn if destroyed (insurance n' shit), that wouldn't de-spawn unless you park 'em in the middle of the road (impound, and you'd have to steal it back, or pay a fine... pff yeah right).

-Better races, in IV I would often end up racing a Comet against family sedans... that's just... bah. Not to mention the A.I. doesn't put up a challenge as well. I'm not a big fan of difficulty but I don't like racing by myself against checkpoints ether... cop involvement in races would be cool too, the kind that can keep up.


-Lighter movement, GTA IV characters felt like tanks.

-Relationships? I hope they don't get removed, cause after all even if most people find these boring I'm sure everybody likes at least throwing them off buildings :P I just wish relationships wouldn't be forced (ex: I had to go on about 20 outings so I could get 100% completion cause I had missed one or two activities with one of my friends, fucking lame). I would also wish the friends wouldn't call me out to a strip club in the middle of a gun fight... geez.

-Clothing for the single player character should be like in IV, aka only clothes that fit that character. In multiplayer however it would be awesome if you could make a very detailed character (no need for sliders and crap like that, tbh I never have patience with those, just a lot of clothes, haircuts, skintones, faces, maybe even voices etc...).


-Free-Freemode. I was disappointed that the Freemode in IV was basically just the city and... that's it. It would be cool if it would have all the features from Single Player, like minigames, peds that might just be armed, cars that you have to break into etc..

-Co-Op missions in Free-Freemode?

Just sayin'

At relationships, that's throwing your friends of buildings... i can haz edit.

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My suggestions for GTA V:

Keep the existing subway system and include a working bus system to help get around the city.

Reintroduce the ability to fly planes and helicopters to different locations.

Include a ferry service.

Reintroduce the ability to own assets and safehouses.

Reintroduce player-interactive casinos.

Make the following avaliable to do in-game: Pool, Darts, Airhockey, arm wrestling, QUB3D, Bowling, Eating, Drinking.

Make the police attack and arrest everybody who commits a crime, not just the player.

The ability to pick up anything to throw at people, use as a shield and/or use as a weapon.

Include a large scale gang war, large scale shootout and/or large scale riot in the game's storyline.

Keep and use the GTA IV Era search Radius.

Make it a mix between Over-The-Top gameplay and realistic gameplay. Get the right combination, the game will be the best ever created.

The ability to rob houses and shops

Make it so that you can only obtain a wanted level if you commit crimes in sight of police.

Lots of different clothing

Lost of customisation options

Include the following stats: Respect, weapon skill, stamina muscle, fat, sex appeal, lung capacity.

Include a "Criminal rating" and "Media level" stat in the stats menu.

Autosave ability included.

E-mail and social networking sites and chatrooms.

Shooting Ranges.

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I agree. Since SA i hated when I was walking down the street minding my own business (such as killing pushers for money) and some punks just start attacking me with guns right in front of a cop. If i defend my selv i got the cop on my tail as well. If i do nothing the cop wont notice the mob of a rival gang shooting at an innocent guy.. jeez.. Did they pay off the cops or somthing ?

Somthing like from SA was in the last part of the storyline where everybody goes nuts and plunders and such. The city reacting to various things would be nice. In GTAIV you can hear about some of the missions like after blowing up a factory it gets mentioned in the radio stations. Thats nice. More of that please.

It would be neat to have civil people react to you. Like if youre very wanted perhaps there will be warnings containing your describtion and people will run scared of you or somthing.

If youre getting high mafiawise people should suck up to you. Vendors of hotdogs should pay their respect and offer you a free hotdog and that stuff.

Id like to see more of that VC mansion style. Showing youre a high mafia boss.

I felt it was quite odd in a bad way that the end of GTAIV lets you do a big mission for petty cash of 25K. By that time both times ive completed it, Ive had like quater of a million. When you got that much its odd to hear Nico tell people he needs the money to finally get a descent place to live for himself.

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Hi everyone, I am one of many GTA players that want to see a cockpit view added in driving in GTA V. It will make driving much more realistic, since we will feel like driving in real life.

If you want to see this feature added in GTA V, let's make an organised request to Rockstar games. You make your request directly to Rockstar through this page: http://support.rocks...us_requests/new

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Make the following weaponry appear in Grand Theft Auto V:


  • Fist
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Knife
  • Baseball Bat
  • Katana
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Golf Club
  • Nightstick
  • Machete
  • Fire Axe
  • Cane
  • Crowbar
  • Shovel
  • Pool cue
  • Chisel
  • Hockey Stick


  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Grenade
  • Tear Gas
  • Detonator Grenade
  • Pipe Bomb
  • sticky Bombs


  • Glock 17
  • Desert Eagle (nine bullet version)
  • Pistol .44
  • Silenced 9mm

Sub-machine guns:

  • Tec-9
  • Ingram Mac-10
  • Micro Uzi
  • MP10
  • Automatic 9mm
  • Gold SMG
  • Assault SMG


  • Pump action shotgun.
  • Combat shotgun.
  • Sawn-Off shotgun
  • Assault Shotgun
  • Automatic Shotgun
  • Explosive Shotgun

Assault Rifles:

  • AK-47
  • M4 Carbine
  • Ruger

Heavy Weaponry:

  • Minigun
  • M-60
  • RPG
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Advanced MG

Sniper Rifles:

  • Combat sniper
  • Sniper
  • Advanced Sniper


  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spray Can
  • Satchel Charges
  • Parachute
  • Detonator
  • Camera
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Theral vision goggles
  • Binoculars

Also make the following changes:

  • Bring back stealth kills with knives.

  • Make it so there are six ways to obtain weaponry:
  • 1- Hardware stores (Melee weapons only).
  • 2- Illegal Gun shops.
  • 3- Gun cars from friends.
  • 4- Ammu-Nation website.
  • 5- Weapon smugglers, which can be found at the airports and docks.
  • 6- Illegal worldwide arms dealers.

The fifth and sixths options works like this: you have to make connections with arms dealers across the world or weapon smugglers in the city and wait on the weapon(s) to be smuggled to the city, which would take any number of in-game days or hours. Also, make it so that the advanced weaponry (eg. Minigun, Advanced MG, explosive shotgun) can only be obtained from the weapons smugglers and worldwide arms dealers. And make it so that advanced weaponry gets confiscated when wasted or busted, for realism purposes.

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