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GTA 5 Wishlist


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Well personally, i think they shud put in more minigames, like RDR, tht game was full of minigames. They also need more life in the game. Put in more atmosphere and forests and shit, tht wud be awesome. Keep it the same as GTA 4 in terms of physics and realisticness. I loved tht!!! Plus add more content, cars, weapons, and landmarks

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I think GTA 5 should definitely be set in San Andreas in the year 2012. It should basically be a combination of GTA 4 and GTA: San Andreas, having the graphics and gameplay mechanisms (eg: controls) of 4, with the combined features of both.

GTA 4 was indeed an amazing game, but it excluded several of the great features of GTA: SA.

For example:

1) planes

2) assets/asset missions

3) purchasing property

4) extensive player customization (more clothes, haircuts, tattoos, etc.)

5) player stats (fat, muscle, vehicle & weapons skills, lung capacity, etc.)

6) gang warfare & being able to recuit gang members for jobs

7) gambling (GTA 4 didn't originally have it, but TBoGT re-introduced it with the cage fighting aspect) and having a chance to get MORE THAN DOUBLE the bet (like inside track)

8) Ammu-nation (maybe this time they could actually sells heavy weaponry such as RPGs, Flamethrowers, and Miniguns?)

9) car mod garages (hopefully just 1 company with several garages this time around that can mod ALL/MOST cars?)

10) car garages for safe-houses! (parking spaces are stupid, since they dont fix up the car, but it's understandable since Liberty City is based off of NYC)

11) Dual wielding small weapons

12) Crazy weapons (police baton, spade, katana, chainsaw, etc)

..........and I'm sure there are more.........

Anyway, this is what I believe that Rockstar needs for the perfect GTA 5 (in addition to anew setting since we already know it's coming):

GTA 4 game engine + LA Noire graphics + combined game features of GTA 4 and GTA SA (including those listed above) + new character and storyline + game mechanics and controls of GTA 4

I hope if San Andreas is chosen as the new location, that the cars won't suck as much as the one's in SA did. The ones in GTA 4 would be worth modding, not the trash cars from SA. But it's 2012, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Also, I would greatly appreciate an offline multiplayer.

Also, it would be cool if there was a vehicle dealership, like in Chinatown Wars. Except, cars should be more expensive (like a price that you would pay in real life), but you only have to buy them once. And if a car that you buy gets destroyed, it should be taken to a body shop and fixed up and available after a certain amount of in-game hours or days.

More weapons would be nice two. It's somewhat stale having only 2 weapons to choose from for one slot, and one's clearly better than the other. It was much different in SA. For example, even if the Micro SMG was less powerful than the MP5 SMG, it's significantly cheaper and can be dual wielded, which makes up for the firepower. Even though the Minigun is clearly the most powerful of the 4 heavy weapons, its still not as fun as going around burning people/stuff with a flamethrower (I apologize if I sound like a sadist, it's purely incidental, but.......well, you get the point). Even for the pistol, I was forced to choose between the powerful but expensive and loud desert eagle OR the cheap but stealthy and weak silenced pistol. We need a weapon's selection that gives us the opportunity to make these decisions! The closest GTA 4 comes to it is when the Mirco-SMG is slightly faster than the MP5 SMG, but even then it's not much of difference to make a difference in gameplay. The only thing that makes it even the slightest bit difficult in choosing weaponry is the clip size, but even that is not much of a big deal.

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i wold like the next gta have real life cars and real life emergency cars with real looking lights like in the mods also i would play gta so much more and also if all of the mods you can download if the had the pc version to be on xb360 and ps3 because i feel like im missing out on alot and i cant find gta in pc in stores. i would also like the story mode to be different like maybe an investigator in new york city that has been dealing with one of the biggest drug dealers in the city something like that if u make it like that that would be great or if you could make the story mode as a liberty city firefighter well u think of the story behind it and ima just think of ideas if u made the game like this it would make the game sooo much more popular

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Highjacking civilian vehicles would be nice, ya know, jumping in to a random car as passenger, putting a gun to the driver's head and screaming ''drive dog drive''. Beats having to listen to a prick of a driver like that guy that was working for Roman...

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Dont you think they should introduce a RC toy shop in which they would sell RC toys for the player to enjoy and even make them compete in RC races?

That would be awesome, and you can customize your RC car, and race them online with ur friends ^.^

I would like to next GTA to also have challenges, much like red dead redemtion.

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Wait a minuite.. What the hell is wrong with the car's in S.A?!?!

I thought it was strange how for IV they took out plane's, sure they don't want people reenacting 9/11.. But in San Andreas you could get a MASSIVE people carrier, and there's that spot on San An full of massive skyscrapers, in San Andreas they pratically encourged you to be a terrorist blowing plane's up into buildings.. I mean that plane was HUGE.

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The reason why they took out planes is cause they are completely useless not useful enough in one city. Too many resources dedicated just so you can base jump and watch your plane splatter against the ground, or the WTC.

yeah man. However if they had recreated a true map of NYC they would have included planes

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-reappearing old characters, GTA IV was totally not completed, with the incomplete story of the russian mob, the irish mob and all. not to mention the other 5 families of the cosa nostra, if they're moving on with a completely new story, i wish they never made Packie as a supporting character

-a fresh glamorized crime theme, this is obvious for them, but i'm talking GTA III and IV fresh, not another Scarface- 80's Vice City (although it was a masterpiece) Boyz N' The Hood- 90's San Andreas thing, if it's necessary they should even set it in the future, or the historical events (like the 1930's golden days of organized crime, or the 60's-70's when it started to fall, the Henry Hill and RICO act era)

-more guns, less hanging out, more variation of missions rather than "go and kill this/those guy(s) and steal that car, oh and avoid the cops"

-customizable weapons rather than looks, the only upgrades i want, are on my AK's rather than my car and my character's appearance

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CHOICES.. I want more choises and bigger impact on the game.. Just making those characters you spare appear as randoms isnt much of a diffrence at all. Its neglitable.

Id also like to see more business managment. Not anything we´ve seen so far. Only slightly with territories in GTA:SA but that was sorta a dissapointment.

Somthing more mafia where you extort businesses or perhaps buys them out or somthing.Basicly more Vice City style but where you could end up owning half the city in the end.

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*Present day setting

*popular recognizable modern day music (Unlike gta4)

*no more cell phone

*no more flying out front windshield

*more side mission and activities

*ability to drink and drive without going on a date



*swimming under water

*more things to do/find (GTA4 had nothing to do)

*entire state of san andreas redone (the trailer only showed los santos and some countryside areas)

*character modifications

*purchasing homes

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