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GTA 5 Wishlist


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Wow this topics been around for awhile and I haven't posted yet :)

*More cars you'd normally see in the city (Like Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, etc)

*More ways to make money (Street racing, gambling, robbing)

*More enterable buildings/a mall (But only if theres gonna be robberies)

*More clothes

*Different weapons (There always seems to be the same few weapons every game)

*More gang related (Like SA)

*More Side missions

*Be able to interact with citizens on the street

I'll think of more

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* Cops should at least be resonable. For instance. In SA id walk just by myself when some gang starts shooting at me.. What does the cops do ?? Nada.. Then i somhow have to defend myself.. What does the cops do ?? Attack me and treating me like i was fregging osama bin laden.

At least let the cops attack anyone using firearms or assaulting people.

* More mafia style

* A Tokyo setting would work for me. Especially if its an american going to Japan. The mafia is there, the cars is there, good oppertunity for contryside as well.

* London/England could work as well

* San fransisco perhaps ?

* Perhaps some execution style for various weapons ?

* Defenetly more mafia hitman feeling like in VC.

* More humor. Like in VC and SA.

* Bring back LoveFist..

* More fun weapons. I never got to use the chaingun alot in SA..

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Despite being somewhat played out I still like mob stories. I'd like to see them do with gta what they did in the godfather 2 game. Where at a certain point you can organize and control as well as work for others. Like really run you're gang promote members and even create members and add them to your own gang, take over areas and wage war or become allies with other families and gangs as you choose. Of course though i realize that if you take that too far it becomes almost not even a gta game at all but a different game entirely. I don't know, silly fantasy of mine. It would be cool if rockstar did make a game like that using their already created fictional cities.

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Every GTA game since III has had mafia play a part in the storyline. I don't really mind this, as IV sort of corrected this with having much more emphasis on the Russian gangs and a little of LJ gang.

I'm not sure what storyline the next GTA will be, but I do hope they return to the rag to riches storyline, or even riches to rags and back to riches again.

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Well umm... GTA is pretty much perfect. What I would like to see in GTA 5 is:

-Less annoying driving / flying / boating mechanics. Seriously, they blow (compared to the older GTA's that is, compared to other games it's still awesome).

-Customization, mainly for vehicles. I can live without it, but it would be cool and would piss of the losers at Fag's Row 2 a bit ^^

-Bring back some of the old vehicles (like the Phoenix, the Elegy, or the Hunter) and weapons (minigun, flame thrower etc) from the older GTA's. Mainly from San Andreas.

-Los Santos plz kthx.

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More cars

More guns

Being able to bring stuff to your safe house

Better friend system

Being able to buy new phones

hair cuts and more clothes

customizing cars

More melee weapons

Better fire system

Being able to shoot out a windshield

Ability to break NPCs arms,legs,etc.

Possible to learn more fighting moves

Buying places to cut up/sell drugs (you stand on a corner long enough and people can pull up and ask for drugs,you can hit a button to give it to them or not,it could be a cop,a stick up man,or a rival gang member that will shoot at you)

This is my biggest one here Bring BACK THE EMPIRE MODE FROM GTA:VCS

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Every GTA game since III has had mafia play a part in the storyline. I don't really mind this, as IV sort of corrected this with having much more emphasis on the Russian gangs and a little of LJ gang.

I'm not sure what storyline the next GTA will be, but I do hope they return to the rag to riches storyline, or even riches to rags and back to riches again.

Yeah. well thats kinda what i'm saying. My ideal storyline would involve another italian mobster protagonist but this time really bring in the full effect of the mob world instead of just showing a little of it. But seeing as they've already had 2 italian main characters i doubt there will be anymore. Also I too like the idea of going back to the whole rags to riches story, instead of rags to moderately wealthy.

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I want more humor in the game. There just wasnt enough in gta4.

More weapons.. Where is that minigun ?

Cops needs to either allow you to defend yourself or go at gangs or people shooting at you.

The radio stations could be more fun. Better music (LOVED the Vice City stations and music)

Return of LoveFist.. PLEASE...

Bring back that mafia feeling i felt in VC.

Perhaps some of the really fancy cars depending on time period..

I could actually imagine the next gta be 1930 Chicago.. Cmon.. It could work if the cars can get the right speed.

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I wanna see more physical damage like if you got shot in the leg your limping or in the arm you can only use guns in 1 hand and not any of the shotguns or assault rifles

That would be fuckin' boss man.

I would also like to see similar stats like in SA, where you can put on/lose weight and also muscle. Also the ability to duel wield most of the weapons, and a broader range of melee weapons (Bring back the Katana!)

Also the option to invest your money in businesses and purchase safe houses around the city.

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Bring back the garages. I've had it with having my cars and bikes dissappearing in BOGT. I have had this happen a

total of three times so far. All three times after I save the game I go outside the apt. and the vehicles are

gone. Today I lost my Double T which from what I read is extremely rare to find in BOGT. :thumbsdown: So far an

hour of searching and still no luck of finding another. (Might be a glitch?)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I would like to see:

-more customization, of clothing, cars, appearance

-safehouses that you can purchase like in VC and SA

-more Easter eggs (who doesn't love Easter eggs?)

-parkour, as someone said.. it'd be pretty cool to jump on rooftops, climb fences and buildings, pretending to be a ninja :]

-the ability to use anything (anyone?) that you can pick up as a weapon and/or shield

-the more crimes you commit, the more infamous you become; newspapers have headlines about you such as "Mysterious serial killer haunts city's prostitutes" or "Burger Shot farter strikes again" or something like that

-swimming underwater would be fun, but not important

-a few suggestions about police:

-I've always thought it weird that after you commit a crime, every cop in the city immediately knows your location and knows that you're the perpetrator. I once caused mayhem inside an internet cafe, and there were no police in the wanted radius at first, but after I went out on the streets, they magically knew it was the Eastern European man with the funny accent right away. Racists.

-we should be able to hide from the police, like in a warehouse or in a hedge or something, and after a period of time, if the cops don't see you, you're free (even if you're still in the wanted radius).

-killing a cop shouldn't immediately net you two stars. How would anyone know you've killed him (if he's alone)? Sure, they have radios but that gunshot could have come from anywhere, the people on the other end can't see it.

I've also never seen children in any GTA cities.. although I know they'll never be added, it'll be just too controversial.

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heyyy the rockstar games are always great right from gta 3 to gta 4..... but still we people expect more dude ....i dont know about gta 4 bcoz i have it but cant play due to system requirments

ok let it be but san andreas is all great very well graphics.............

but still i want some more....

means in the city means the next gta i expect all high graphics ,can hang around in any building no restriction.... more fantastic and real explosions....and if any one launches a rocket on any building then building should smash down into pieces

detailed cars.....

detailed and open shops and buildings....

more things to do while juzz hanging around...

more detailed weapons...

and like san andreas more outdoor games..like basket ball, football,golf,......and also some good video games..

mor detailed boats ...and also ships and cruises...and also expect to drive such ships......

more detailed trains and aeroplanes.....

juz detailed whole city.......

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Make it more real !

* Players being capable to blow up everything around them. For example, fire and RPG rocket on a building, part of the building to blow up. And some how after you blow up the building the Town Hall should send workers to undo what you did, and rebuild the building, and it sold take like 7-8 days depending on the building's damage.

* Make an online version, like a online community, no bots, just real players, all the positions, form medics to police officer to be filed by real players. You should be capable to buy you own house, own your own company or work at one, buy you car, be able to lock it. On this section there are numerous things that can be done.

* Be able to create your own character. Make it black, white, Chinese, Japanese, what do you want.

* I don't think there should be more missions in game, there should be a better AI, for example you can choose for a large number of carers. Lets say i want to be a member of a gang, i go and join a gang, first i will have a lower rank, maybe selling drugs at a corner, every day you will have to pass different obstacles on a daily basis.

* Be capable to interact more with the pedestrians, form a family, have kids ? ( Don't think this would be possible, but why not ).

* Be capable to do almost everything that is possible to do in real life. From paying your rend or electricity bill to running a crime organization.

* The map should be very big, with lots of new things, lost of new cars, planes, trains, bikes. Places to explore and to find new and very rare things, have animals in game, from dogs, to elephants at the zoo, and to be able to find rare animals.

* I would really like to see in GTA, some how to play soccer, or ride a bike in a freestyle mod. For example, you hop on an bike, and you should pres a specific button, when you press that button the key boards or the joystick buttons would change for you to be able to perform tricks and stuff like that, and that's the same with soccer. Like for example in car commands and on foot, they are different.

There are so many thing to add, these are just the ideas that came to me right now, but there are so many things that can be done.

I'm sorry if my English is a little rubbish ! :lol:

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