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GTA 5 Wishlist


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Post your new ideas for GTA, ideas you had for GTA IV that wasn't put in, or things in GTA IV that need work.

Here are some things that I think would be good for the next game:

- Better and more fun way of evading arrest instead of just pressing one button. Maybe a short button tap minigame to get out of the reach of the officer

- Better collision files, crash physics, textures and an all around redo on bikes


- More diverse and detailed police force (I see them the most, so they need the most detail)

- Car customization

- Better engine sounds

- Decapitation when necessary

- Fully interactable environment

- Euphoria all the time

Post yours.

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Being able to climb poles as either a getaway, a way to get to high or locked places (Ex: Hotel room, office, apartment, top of building) or as a vantage point, cause nobody looks up in Liberty City.

The ability to pick up anything ever and put that into your car/ trunk/house and it will stay there.


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Haven't got IV so not too sure but in the next GTA i'm so keen on NOT using America. I'm more interested in them trying Europe or any other country. Possible female protagonist cause that'd be so cool haha. Um... Instead of unlocking a bridge to the next island i think it should be letting you move to another country then another instead of having 3 islands in one city. Improved weapons. As much stealth as possible.

I also think skateboards would be cool or something, like what they did in Bully, press a button and you're riding a board, cause walking is boring and jacking cars etc takes too long and you need one near you in the first place.

Definitely car customisation.

Like San Andreas with the wide variety of terrain and places to go and how they had the woods and desert etc i love that kind of thing. Not like Liberty city with just buildings.

Can't think of anything else at the moment

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put stuff in your trunk.

get mugged

get robbed

get drive by'd

maybe if you kill someone or something the cops shouldnt automatically find you.

buy property and use it, be able to by home decor o decorate etc.

buy a garage and tune your cars. not oo extreme.

fly to liberty city and visit for mission maybe?

early 90's california. kinda around SA's ime perios but maybe a bit earlier.

caught in a racial war.

chose your side for a gang.

more player custimization.

command your own gang.

kidnappings and hostages.

K9 Units

better AI

more realistic.

all i can think now, maybe more later./

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- Not putting away the phone every time your shot

- No more flying out of the car

- More police maneuvers

What! You can't get rid of that it was the best! I laughed so hard the 1st time it happened.

- Offline Multiplayer

- Louder more grizzly engine noises (like the stallion in SA)

- Dense character background like GTAIV's

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you should be able to manufacture and distribute your own drugs. Like if you get some property you can use the land to grow pot or something

They could, but it would be a waste of time coding it in as it will be removed as soon as the sensors get sight of it. Interesting idea, though.

Another bit of input, the ability to modify your vehicle again would be nice. Missed it in GTA4, sadly.

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lots of clothing stores, same number of safe houses that are in San Andreas (or more) with garages, tons of parking spaces to save cars, able to buy a WIDE selection of car parts and build your own in-game custom car, more tv shows avlible on tvs, laptops in every safe house, infernus not so rare to find (same with any other car), more family members than a cousin in game, lot more mini-games to play, car washes in every city (island), lots of places to enter

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  • more side missions (bus driver, limo driver, etc)
  • returning side missions not included in 4 (cop, paramedic, cab driver etc)
  • all weapons from previous games and more
  • character customizations returned
  • better clothes selection
  • offline multiplayer
  • other people commit crimes (mugging, killing, car theft) besides you
  • ability to kidnap people or choke hold people
  • ability to resist arrest when pulled from a vehicle
  • tanks and planes returned
  • majority of buildings enterable
  • destructable/somewhat destructable environment
  • under water swimming returned
  • home break ins returned
  • cross hair always on screen (its a pain in the ass to do drive bys and not know where you're aiming until you're already shooting)
  • the news station should update itself with things you do (like if you have a shootout or something)
  • custom soundtrack
  • good and known music (gta4 music was terrible)
  • you should be able to drink while in free play
  • it'd be cool if you could use and sell drugs

anyone know when the next gta will be out?

have they even mentioned one yet?

usually they wouldve by now i though

and china town wars doesnt count

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  • Parental lock options (this may be crazy, but this may make Jack-O and soccer moms turn away from bashing at R*)
  • More weapons
  • Removal of the "magic sachel" thingy - you know, fling on the mouse wheel and the weapon will materialise on our hand, and replace it with an FPS-style inventory system
  • Better soundtrack (mainstream/pop music may be cheesy, but at least it would be more realistic if we have Akon and all the big-time boys around the airwaves)

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