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DO you think that the new DLC will erase all the other prgrees you have with niko


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From a programming point, it would be easy. Even w/ the old save system where script mod = new game, R* could

include a utility that reads your old saves & "builds" a new one where you have your safe houses, money, weapons &

cars form the new start. That would be a good tool for SA mods (add that to an existing save file editor), I'm just not

sure how to write it.

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What id like to know is why is this only for 360? That pisses me off! Does anyone remember that GTA was originally a Playstation game?

It was on PlayStation before XBox, but it was on the computer before it was on PlayStation. So if you look at which company had it first, Sony or Microsoft...it was Microsoft. But believe me, I'm just as pissed off as you are that it's only on the 360...at least for now.

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