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Guys on Playstation Network Are Sexually Harrasing Me!


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There are seriously are some sexualy petifiles on there. There are these people Lanza123 , Grange1 , SPARTAN , & niqqer.

Jesus how in the hell can I block them? I block them all and they are still PM ing me. I dont know how to report them and get them banned from the server. Here want to see the messages the sent me? Look! No Bull-crap.

Lanza--> (Message Title) Message Me PLZ

The_Husky: Yes?

Lanza--> I need help.

The_Husky: Help with what.

Lanza--> I need sex.

The_Husky--> Ha! We're both in common!

*Message Two* ( I need U )

Lanza123--> I need U

The_Husky--> Where In game?

Lanza123--> No I need U Baby.

Like WTF?

Grange1 Messages: ( Hello )

Grange1--> HI hello.

The_Husky--> Hi

Grange1--> Are you from england?

The_Husky--> Yup

Grange1--> What Part?

The_Husky--> London.

Grange1--> Are U single?

The_Husky--? Umm no.

Grange1--> Are you gay,strate,bi?

The_Husky--> Strait.

Grange1--> Are you a girl? ( LIKE WHAT THE F-? )

The_Husky--> No.

Grange1--> Can you meet me at the Candid cafe at 4?

The_Husky--> Fuck You.

SPARTAN *Messages*

SPARTAN-> where do you live?

The_Husky--> 708 Martin Luther King Drive Apartment #3 Oklahoma.

SPARTAN--> is dis ur real addres?

The_Husky--> YH.

Spartan--> Cool ru a girl?

The_Husky--> Giggle on my nuts.

Spartan--> (No Reply)

Niqq3r's Messages

Niqq3r-> Do you have a girlfriend?

Husky-> no

Niqq3r-> do you want a gf?

Husky-> No

Niqq3r-> do you want to go out?

Husky--> I dont know you. who the hell is this?

Niqq3r--> srry srry.

Is it just me or all the rest of the people on PSN are a bunch of sick bastards? Jesus no wonder Micro-soft tells you to pay in order to be on LIVE.

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I thought you were a girl until you did something that angered me earlier this year. Anyway, lol at all of them and I might be getting XBL aswell :hurrhurr:

I made that piccy for the lulz :whistle: . Anyway why does everyone think im a girl? should I say Im a girl or something?

Yeah, sure, go along with it the next time and when you're supposed to meet up with one of the 40 year olds, just have your dad their with a bat. Then you can lol at the rapist, a lot.

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