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VC vs. VCS


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Honestly, there's too many to name, but here's a few:

-Sunshine Autos is still a construction site, and there's a trailer park behind it.

-Various apartment buildings/empty spaces have been replaced by the spots/buildings for the businesses.

-Um, haven't played the game in a long time, but the businesses are a lot of changes so that's a start.

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The map is almost exactly the same as the regular Vice City only there's a shortcut road to the airport.

Not many new cars in this one. There's a Quad, Polaris V8, and a few other new cars.

The radio kicks ass in this game, though.

The Empire Building feature will keep your hands full for a while, too. Comparing the two, Vice City is better, IMO.

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Buildings in Vice City in VCS had more neon-lighting than in VC.

There were more features...though most are irrelevant.

There are less interesting places....and annoying ones.

The notable landmarks in VC missed those marks, such as the logo of the Pole Position, the V-Rock station, the Malibu Club, the hotels in Vice Point.

Overall: Vice City > Vice City Stories.

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VCS had a much better looking rendition of Vice City, more neon lighting, orange sunsets, areas that were empty in VC now have new places such as the theme park with the Chunder Wheel.

Being able to swim is one of the main advantages this game has over VC, Tommy's drowning was frustrating.

The radio in VCS is one of the best in the whole series, VC's was good, but this one has more songs I really like.

VCS has much more side stuff to keep you busy once the storyline is out of the way. Completing the storyline and nothing else only got you around 30% completion, so there is a lot to be done.

I really like the new, useful roads in VCS, particularly the ones that go from Little Havana to the airport.

For me, VCS was better.

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One difference is that in VCS you start on the west half of the map, in VC you're on the east. Something I miss from

VC is buying savehouses. In VCS you just unlock a few, like GTA3 or LCS.

Read back through the other VCS topics & you'll see what I call the "Super Mario" glitch. Just west of Stonewall J's in

Little Havana is a small construction site, a hole w/ a big exposed pipe. Jump on it in the right spot & you get warped

to the golfcourse, past the barriers & giving you access to the whole map including the Police Maverick on the roof of

the Washington Beach Police station. As far as I know it only works on the PS2 version.

If you watch your map, all the properties on the east half come up for sale just before the entire map opens. Use the

Super Mario glitch to go over & buy them out, w/out firing a shot.

I would still like the MAIN.SCR from VCS, add parts to VC & have the best of both w/out the crappy graphics of VCS.

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I thought they were a step back (graphics), they looked pretty crappy on my 43" Sony. Dark, poor contrast & it made

it a little harder to play. VC just looked a little brighter. On a PSP it probably looked good in low res but the PS2 port

used the same low res graphics & it would have looked a lot better if they just used the original VC graphics.

Biggest difference was that Vic could swim & there was more for sidework. Every Empire business have missions based

on the kind of business it was, there are the beach missions, Air Ambulance & heli firefighter & they have a "bookmark"

feature that kept track of every 5 levels in a side mission. Do 20 levels, save your game & come back & you start at

level 21.

Overall VCS was a good buy because the only complaint I have is the graphics, everything else was good & it released

for $20 (same as LCS). Would have liked to see a PC port.

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I found the graphics of LCS and VCS poor in contrast to III and VC. I put it down to being a port like Urban. It was a GTA game and that was enough for me, I enjoyed playing it. If the graphics were better I would probably play it more often. The main reason I liked it is it gave me a chance to return to VC but gave me new stuff to do. Didn't hurt that it was cheap too :P

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