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Design changes bring TGTAP to wider audience


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UPDATE: April Fools is over now so we're back to normal. Hope you got a bit of a laugh from the temporary redesign! Didn't get a chance to see it? Look here.

After spending a while here at TGTAP, you'll realise what a masculine place it is. Guns, vehicles, crime, and a whole lot of adolescent males. Well, we've made a few changes to help counter this awfully skewed demographic we've gotten ourselves into.

Over the past few years, TGTAP staff members have spent months researching ways in which we can make the site appeal to the fairer sex. After much deliberation, the conclusion was made that we should have a very pink layout incorporating typical female likes, including flowers, rainbows and unicorns. Apparently women love that stuff, so with that knowledge firmly engrained in our skulls, we committed to improving our design!

We hope you enjoy the changes we made, and in addition to that, the influx of female members who should now be clamouring to join the forums!

And don't you worry, we'll still be doing our best to bring you excellent coverage of Grand Theft Auto for years to come. At the moment just the default theme has changed on the homepage, but we should soon have the forums reskinned to match. Comments, feedback and any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

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