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Have you been banned on another forum?

Huckleberry Pie

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I never understood why people WANT to join GTAF. The only advantage of a forum that size is generally quick answers to your topics. Apart from that it's bullshit. Legendary threads are lost after just one day in a mass of shitty topics started by shitty members.

Not really. The best of the best topics are pinned and even if some are not, they don't fall off the first page or two because someone or the other keeps bumping them. Also, shitty members are a part and parcel of every forum. You must have quite a few of them here too. Considering the sheer size of GTAF, there are more shitty members over there. But they are dealt with appropriately.

And I'm not sure why you guys feel the mods over there are unjust. They have to abide by the rules coz they have the admins to answer to. And just recently, the unbanning ability of the mods was taken away for a more transparent moderating. Now, mods can only ban people but only admins can unban someone.

Also, I have 1 reminder and 3 warnings on GTAF and I'm still on the staff team. Beat that, fuckers. :P

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I registered on the round earth forum as ziggazigga. Look at the topic posted earlier, this is what I literally just posted:

Referring to an earlier post about the satellites and that, if the world was FLAT, which it isn't, what would they be orbiting around? The THIN side of the earth? Or do they just stop, then turn around and do it all again? Aeroplanes. When you do a round the world trip, why is it called ROUND THE WORLD. It's because you orbit the GLOBE, and because the Earth is ROUND. Also, aeroplanes can't turn at 90 degree angles. How the hell would they go round the world? They'd be in space before they knew it, and then BOOM, lost forever. How would the Earth stay stationary in the air, when it's essentially just a massive concrete slab?

Where's the cut-off point for Earth? Australia? "Oh, hi honey, I'm just going to the bakers, then I'll buy a bottle of mil... WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Falls of the face of the Earth, because he walked too far. Utter nonsense, drivel, TWADDLE, whatever you want to call it. This idea of a flat Earth just doesn't work. I'd love people to prove me wrong, show me actual hard proof/evidence that the world is flat. There is none. You'll probably register on a make-your-own-website place, write a stpid argument, then post it back here as 'evidence'. I know how you work.

I'll carry on posting if I remain unbanned, but only until the novelty factor wears off. It's actually quite a funny place, because their opinions are so fatally flawed.

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Well I've seen warn logs posted by some GTAF members and some of the reasons that get written there are absolutely ridiculous. I personally don't have a problem with any of the mods there simply because I don't really have anything to do with them and I'm not an active member on their forums.

The staff from GTANet that I've met in real life in NY seemed pretty decent people so I can vouch for them. I think it's more to do with the section mods and possibly super mods where abuse comes in. But I don't know enough about it I guess, I've only seen and heard things.

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That's what I was hinting at; the 'unfair' part. You don't get banned for bumping a topic or even flaming someone. It always starts with a reminder or a verbal warning. It's only when you start repeating the same things that you got warned for earlier is when you get temp banned. And if you still continue in the same vein, then it's a perma ban. If I'm not wrong, I think that is how it works over here too.

I think most of you guys are just bitter because you got warned/banned for something that you thought was appropriate. But that's not how the internet works, is it? Every forum has its own set of rules and if you break them, you're liable to get warned or banned. For example, if supporting GTAF is against the rules over here and if I get banned for it, I won't be complaining elsewhere because I clearly broke the rules then. The fact of the matter is that even though you can argue what is fair and what is not, this is not a democracy and every forum has a right to have rules that seem more suited to that forum, from the administrative point of view obviously.

I'm not sure but if some of you guys come from the Demarest/Cerbera era, then I can understand why you feel cheated. Both of them abused their powers and were rightfully demoted. Other than that, there have been no hiccups so I don't think that any of the bans after that are not justifiable.

Edit: Lazlowrocks. was an idiot and that is why his member log has been put in his signature so that everyone can witness his idiocy. ;)

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Kind of ironic how long he managed to survive without being banned when we're talking about the supposed unfairness of the mods. No one here has had that many warnings and not been banned.

That example is several years old though. I think people here are referring to more recent times, say the last 2 years.

I'm not asking you to post more warn logs I'm just saying, a year on the internet is a very long time. Things change.

I'm not even going to bother defending some of the members here because loads of them are in fact idiots and when you hear about why they got banned it's not in the least bit surprising. I hasten to add I think a lot of what has been said in this topic is no doubt coming at least in part from hearsay, with regards to GTAF. Kinda funny how it turned to that when originally this topic was referring to any forum in the world.

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Biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard, I'm sure everyone agrees.

Why, thank you. Your ignorance is dripping like water from my broken tap. :rolleyes:

And talking about member logs;


LOL, the descriptions the staff wrote for why they got warned were hilarious. I've actually never registered to another GTAforum, I guess I've never really needed to. Plus I don't like the other sites layouts. :/

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As a previous moderator at GTAForums, I can give a pretty honest opinion here. A lot of the bannings at GTAForums were somewhat unjust, but never entirely unprovoked. Some staff members were part of tightly knit "cliques" and were easily swayed to ban members (who'd done very little wrong) by members of that clique... and on the other hand, some members that had an abundance of warnings were left free to roam the forums. There was a shitload of favoritism going on... but that was a while back. I'm sure things have changed since then... at least I would have hoped so.

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and created 7 accounts trying to bypass the 1 week. (WTF? Duh.... )

That looks like me at GTAGaming. I was banned for 2 days and then registered an account and got perm banned until I registered 8+ accounts :P Rappo knows how he was pissed off.

I have three warnings on here.....

Actually you have 5.... 3 Formal and 2 Verbal

None for a couple of months now, which is good. Same with Connor.

You had Warnings, Gerard?

I have 6 warnings: 2 Verbal, 3 Formal and 1 Ban (post ban). And two reps.

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