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Have you been banned on another forum?

Huckleberry Pie

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Well, for one thing, my records are mostly clean, although I've been banned or warned at least a few times, like in Wikipedia when I posted a vandalised image, although since then I tried to maintain a squeaky-clean image, and vowed on fighting vandals and fanboys on the site. Another is on a Strawberry Shortcake forum that I joined long before my board was set up. I blamed the latter forum for one thing, since I find the layout rather unintuitive, with no clear places on where will I go for an off-topic discussion, plus one instance of profanity on a supposedly family-friendly place.

Any thoughts on this?

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I've been banned from GTAForums three times :P

First time was for registering to advertise in 2003 or something

Second time was reregistering sometime in 2005

Third time was, I assume, also for reregistering in 2008

LOL If you put it that way then I've been banned 100000 tiimes on GTAF

Here are all my accounts that I remember, but there are probably more lol:









xXx-KILLA-xXx (really good username lol)






hmm.... I think there were more

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I got banned from posting on a site called TheYNC.com for 'Cloning another users I.D'.

The so called victim of my crime was a muppet called KUWAITIDUDE01 who made the most ridiculous comments and was hated by everyone on the site.

Anyway- one day I decided to create a new account; KUWAITIDUDE01. and began posting apologies to everyone each time he said something stupid.

He went off his cake and started ranting that it was'nt him so each time he did that I would make a reply saying the opposite. Everyone thought it was hilarious but I was soon rumbled after he complained to the moderators.

Tried doing it again but my IP address is blocked.

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