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Have you been banned on another forum?

Huckleberry Pie

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I was on a Harry Potter forum I stayed for 10 minutes. They were rude. So I would say this is my only forum and I haven't been banned yet. I guess I am a good girl. :innocent:

What are the most common ways for people to get banned?

Like what you've said, there are times that the mods are rather rude and stuff, and the fact that you find the place hostile, complicated or dis-organised makes you more likely to leave or get banned.

On here? I'd guess being a douchy-noob who refuses to listen to the mods is a good way to get banned. Well, that and pissing them off. And probably me and few other high-profile members, too. We know what the rules are and our limits. Noobs don't.

Yeah, ditto on that.

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