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IPB3 Bugs

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As we have just upgraded to IPB 3, and implemented the new skin, there are bound to be a few technical glitches, gremlins and bugs.

Please reply to this topic to let us know if you find anything that is broken or looks weird.

If you can't find a feature, or aren't sure how to do something in the new forum, feel free to ask here, and hopefully another member can help!

Known Bugs

  • Flags don't link to country list
  • The styles for tables don't show up properly. We're fixing this.

Other Issues

  • Awards have not yet been implemented
  • Yes, we are aware the store and gangs are no longer here. This will be addressed at a later date

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Question: In my profile page, the active post says 366 post. Is it supposed to be like that, Like total post has been added with all the other post from the Fun and Off-topic?

Yeah that's exactly right, thank you, I meant to point that out.

Folks your real post count is the one you see in topics here.

Your profile page simply shows you how many posts you have in total on the forums, so, including Fun and Off-topic and Trash Can etc. where we don't count them.

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Just noticed then, the "See new posts" link on the main page takes me to the forum index, eek. :(

Where does it say that? At the top of every page (just below the search box) it says: View New Content which should work.

Alternatively, at the bottom of the main page you have Today's Active Content.

Ah he meant from the homepage, none of the links worked in the profile box bit next to the ad. I've fixed these now.

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Cool upgrades, but why my avatar aint showing in the upper left corner? And why is my post count much higher than before?

Edit: It shows in my post but not in the upper left corner...

Double ninja edit: I just realised this post had to be in the bug report topic...

Edited by little_homer
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@Steam: facepalm.jpg

You couldn't just visit any other members profile and check. And Yes everyone can see that, the link probably will tale you to the password page if any random member clicks it.

Not a bug but yea.. Could you make the pinned topics a different color like on the old forums.

Edited by EvoLuTioN
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An unknown bug I found the center thing in my about me page doesn't work..

Sorry but anyone found a fix for this. Since other ppl's pages also look the same way.

Yeah, I've noticed it too. It seems that the BBCode for central alignment isn't working. Try updating it with the new tools that you can post with.


The centre alignment tool works in posts and in the about me page when you use the IPB3 buttons around the area where you can modify your post.

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I detected a directory-wise bug. Since the images and avatars directory changed, the avatar on the homepage is corrupted because the style_avatars directory moved to /public. Well, I know it's not about the forums but the image comes from there, no?

Edited by Spider-Vice
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When going to a someone's profile, any empty lines ( <br /> ) even whow up as <br/> at the "interests" section.


-Computers<br />-Going out<br />-Getting drunk<br />-Gaming<br />

And when selecting text, the BBcode doesn't work, but I believe I already read someone saying that a couple of minutes back.

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