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TGTAP is 7 years old today!


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Happy Birthday to The GTA Place! It's hard to believe it was 7 years ago today I created this website. Our website history has had a small part added to bring it up to date with the most recent major change. If you don't know much about us, it might be interesting to you, or bore you to death!

Now we don't really have any big announcements for you this year, but that doesn't mean we're not looking to update or change things around here. We're currently talking about adding non-English subforums - good news for our foreign visitors (there are a lot of you). It's something we'd like to trial, and depending on its success this may spread to other parts of the website, the downloads database is extremely popular so that is one likely area we may make multi-lingual.

If you're not already a member of our forums, why not take a moment to register? It's completely free and will give you many benefits such as being able to being able to post and reply to topics, interact with like-minded fans, and (soon) chat with other fans in your own language!

On a sidenote, feel free to use our suggestion forum if there is something you'd like to see on TGTAP, be it a small change to something, or a big new feature, we're all ears.

Enjoy the delicious cake!

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On February 14th we were hacked and had no recent backups to restore.

Oh . . .

Yeah I was wondering why the oldest people joined on February 15th 04 and yet they claimed they had been here since like 2002.

Back in 2002, TGTAP used PHPBB, then they got hacked numerous times and upgraded to IPB in 04.

No, read the history. We switched to IPB in 03.

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