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Valentines Day


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Not really, I don't want to go out with anyone right now. My dog died last Saturday and my sister had to go into Stirling Royal Infirmary for an operation so I can't really cope with it. I have to be there for my family more than I could possibly be with a girlfriend and I don't want to push her to the back of my priorities because of what's happened.

Anyway, I was going out with someone until Wednesday when we decided to end it. But we've been wanting to start back up soon, just not tonight or tomorrow. I have been asked and I've told her that I need time to decide so she knows that I could take a little while.

I couldn't do anything tomorrow anyway, my sister's coming home and we now have responsibility of looking after her, helping her walk to the toilet and what not. Not going to be fun. I did plan to go to the cinema or to Stirling with my girlfriend but then this happened and then we ended it temporarily so we couldn't.

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