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Well I'd like to be the first to welcome everybody to the new TheGTAPlace Forums. We have legitimately bought and purchased Invision Power Board v2.0.4, so your forum experience will be enhanced, and we can't get sued.

In this upgrade, we have added:

New skins

New emoticons

XML archiving

Rich Text Editor (Per user)

User email validation then admin approval

RSS overhaul (import / export functionality)

Multiple Option Polls

DST (Daylight Saving Time) auto correction

Implementation of new moderation and warning systems

There will inevitably be some bugs and things we have to iron out in the next couple of days, but just let us know if you spot anything. A new logo is currently being designed, and new skin sets edited. Thanks to our indispensible team of moderators, admins, members, fans and random people who help out occasionally, in a few days, TGP Forums will be like you've never seen them before!

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The gang system, image uploader and GTA store will all be returning in the next day or two. Chris has been working hard to convert them from IPB 1.3 to 2.0.4, and finally this long-planned upgrade can be executed.

In fact, these forums are everything you saw on the old forums, plus the advantages of the actual forum upgrade, plus the advantages of a slightly shifted system of administration and moderation, plus the advantages of a freshly designed skin (soon), plus the advantages of whatever we throw at you over the next few days.

Have fun with it, but don't break it. Its new, its shiny, its even secure, but its still delicate. :thumbsup:

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This post from Invision Power forums lists sll the major changes that you will notice.

Major Changes From IPB 1.3

[ACP] Rewritten templating system

[ACP] + New improved editor

[ACP] + New improved layout and logic

[ACP] + New CSS caching methods

[ACP] Unlimited Sub Forums

[ACP] Mail queue to allow bulk mail to be sent

[ACP] Ability to have members in multiple groups

[ACP] Task Manager to automate processes

[ACP] System Settings: Add custom settings

[ACP] System Settings: Search system settings

[ACP] System Settings: Quick revert on customized system settings

[ACP] Import / Export XMLarchive Emoticon Packs

[ACP] Import / Export Badword filters

[ACP] Import / Export Custom BBCode

[ACP] Rebuild Tools: Rebuild Post Content

[ACP] Rebuild Tools: Rebuild Post Usernames

[ACP] Rebuild Tools: Rebuild All Forums

[ACP] Rebuild Tools: Rebuild All Topics

[ACP] Rebuild Tools: Rebuild Image Thumbnails

[ACP] New attachments manager:

[ACP] + Attachment Stats

[ACP] + Attachment Search / Delete

[ACP] + Attachment extensions / Mime-types

[GLOBAL] Relative Dates

[GLOBAL] Online forum users shows who is posting a new topic

[GLOBAL] Online topics users shows who is replying to the topic

[GLOBAL] Skin chooser on each page

[GLOBAL] Neater quick stats with collapsable main stats

[GLOBAL] Read topics stored in database

[GLOBAL] Option: Log in with name or email address

[topicS] Multiple attachments with auto-thumbnail generation

[topicS] Online/Offline user indicators in posts

[topicS] Multi-Quote- ability to quote more than 1 post at a time

[topicS] Ability to search in topics

[topicS] Ability to bypass the bad word filter

[topicS] Threaded mode view

[topicS] Linear plus mode view

[topicS] Skin dependent team icon images (optional)

[topicS] Skin dependent emoticons (optional)

[topicS] Skin dependent mime type images

[topicS] View all topic attachments in one window

[MODERATION] New in-line moderation (forums)

[MODERATION] New in-line moderation (topics)

[MODERATION] Merge Posts

[MODERATION] New easier to use multi-page split topic

[MODERATION] Move Posts to another topic

[MODERATION] Multi-delete posts

[MODERATION] Make posts invisible (unapprove) or visible (approve)

[sEARCH] Full text searching improvements

[sEARCH] Optimized with better search result display

[sEARCH] New Find all members topics feature

[memberLIST] New search & filters tool in member list

[memberLIST] New name 'quick jump' facility

[postING] Ability to attach files to polls when starting

[postING] Ability to perform mod actions when starting polls

[postING] Improved basic Mozilla editor (text at cursor)

[postING] Ability to put attachments inline with the post

[postING] Custom BBCode

[PM] Ability to attach files to a PM

[PM] Ability to show CC users

[PM] Message count for each folder

[PM] Improved new PM notification

[uCP] Avatar resize now with GD image compression

[uCP] Photo resize now with GD image compression

[uCP] Ignore user feature

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