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GTA IV: San Andreas Beta #1 Released


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If you've ever wanted to play San Andreas in GTA IV's RAGE engine, your wish has now come true. Sort of.

A talented team of modders have been working hard to bring the entire San Andreas map into GTA IV, and today, they've released the first beta version of their mod. The mod itself is pretty self-explanatory, it ports the entire world of San Andreas into GTA IV. In addition to the video above, you can also check out some screenshots on their website.

To start playing, you'll of course need to own GTA IV. Next, you'll need to download the rather hefty 1.11GB torrent. Full installation instructions can be found here. But remember this is a beta, there are bugs, not everything will be perfect yet.

We'll be following this awesome looking mod here at TGTAP, but you can also keep an eye on their website or follow @GTAIVSA on Twitter.

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I'm not sure, I had never even heard of the mod until recently as I sort of left the whole GTA scene. I of course read through their website before posting to get the jist of what the mod does, and it sounded to me like the things it does so far are (this list mostly from their features page):

  • Put the whole SA map into GTA IV
  • All peds
  • All vehicles
  • Increased draw distance
  • Enhanced sound and physics
  • euphoria motion
  • Replay and clip editing system

I didn't see any mention of having the storyline/missions included anywhere. That's why I assumed it was not part of the beta, I'm not sure if they are intended for the final release. If they actually get missions into the mod I think we can safely say this would be the biggest and best total conversion we've ever seen for a GTA game.

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WTF... piece of shit removed my saved games, and I had just finished the game 100% after re-formatting. What retard made this anyway?

And of course it doesn't work ether... why would it work...

You obviously forgot to back up your saves.

Vito Scaletta driving a Karen Dilledante in San Andreas and listening to Liberty City radios. Your argument is invalid.


I knew it was just a map but... no traffic? No cops? Basically just driving?

Unfortunately, yes. Paths are still yet to be laid out, other than the trains. Simply demanding the team to populate the place would be madness.

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Yes I didn't backup my saves. Why? Because at the beginning of the install the game told me that IT had moved my saves to a so called safe location. I abandoned the install so I can let the Windows install it's stupid updates and bam! Next thing I know my save games have been completely wiped out from the PC.

Any way I can enable a downloaded save without xliveless? I have no intention in killing all 200 pigeons again...

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