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Nothing much else, going out for pizza Friday... yeah... :blink:

I'm sure Husky is going out for pizza Friday night too steve, if you know what I mean.. :hurrhurr:

Heh. Got back from the mall today with some friends. Haven't been there since Halloween. It was a ghost town there today considering it was a week day. Bought some fucking sweet bracelets, couple pairs of skinny jeans that I just cut into cutoffs and a couple snazzy shirts.

Twas a good day.

And just like Husky, the pizza "went" in my mouth. Needless to say I swallowed :hurrhurr:

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Going to get a new moped :D Im real happy right now

Lucky. Bitch. Those things are a blast.... Well.. at least when there isn't the public to laugh at you for riding a moped. What's the moped you're getting?

Today.. hm. Don't have anything planned. It'll most likely compile of hours of guitar and doing random shit on the computer, or having a friend come over and do the above with me.

The girl I currently have a thing with (who I've liked for fucking so long, about a year and 7 months now.. never thought we'd actually be somewhat dating) is coming up to my house Friday and Saturday. Pretty excited for that. No idea what we've got planned but it should be a great two days/horrible feeling forever after she leaves, until I see her again.. The whole 8 hour distance definitely stings a bit. Meh, whatever. Life sucks. Nothing new haha..

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Thank God my Mum finishes work tomorrow for six weeks. I am starting to go bonkers. Being a bum and not working for months has been awful and I have resorted to talking to myself today which is worrying. But yay tomorrow it all ends, I will then go to uni and get away from the recession! It will be nice to see more human faces.

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Bored as hell.

I thought there's alot to do this summer, guess there isn't. I've been stuck at home, pretty much on the PS3, watching TV or on the PC. I might meet up with some mates, but other than that, summers gone pretty quick for me. Around September, college starts for me and now, it's going to be a tough year.

Well other than that, nothing has happened.

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Tomorrow I'm headin back to school after the long holiday in paradise (Bali), I don't know why I'm headin back to school :/

I finally have a better copy of San Andreas and got a crappy copy of Vice City and GTA IV. Got a lot of problems trying to install IV and there's no sound in Vice City.

Got a problem with the modem so, I'm visiting here with my cellphone for awhile. Having a bad gaming life right now

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got my exam results this morning:

Biology 2

Computing Studies 2

English 2

French 1

Graphic Communication 2

History 2

Mathematics 3

Music 3

Here are what I was expecting:

Biology: 4

Computing: 3

English: 2

French: 1

Graphic Communication: 3

History: 1

Maths: 2

Music: 4

The Biology result was amazing... I'm still speechless about it. I got a Grade 5 in my mock exam so I wasn't expecting anything higher. Although, I'm not really bothered about the Biology result, I never really cared for the subject.

Computing was okay, it was another subject I didn't really care about but I am glad that I improved.

English is another subject I'm happy about, I have been happy with my English result since I got a Grade 1 in my speaking back in February.

French, I just knew I'd get a Grade 1.

Graphic Communication was great, I love the subject and wasn't expecting anything less.

History I'm a bit disappointed about but it's still good. I love History and I got a Grade 1 in my two mocks.

Maths I'm also a bit disappointed about but it's still good.

Music, I didn't really care about because it was all listening and very little performing.

About the grades:

Grade 1 and Grade 2 are Credit grades

Grade 3 and Grade 4 are General grades

Grade 5 and Grade 6 are Foundation grades

Grade 7 is a fail.

Grade 1 is equivalent to something like A+ or A

Grade 2 is equivalent to something like A or B

Grade 3 is equivalent to something like B or C

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Started school on Monday and scared the hell outta my physics teacher today after lunch by hiding in a cabinet and waiting until she was done with her lesson before jumping out screaming, "Forget this if you're not even gonna notice I'm gone!" The thing is, we tried this same prank yesterday with a different classmate and she figured out instantly that something was amiss when he wasn't in his seat and starting searching for him immediately. It helps that student is fairly loud and I'm not. I did feel a little insulted my absence wasn't acknowledged in the least.

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Haha, awesome.

Kida related, when I was back at school, I made a bet that I could fit in a locker (ours are piss tiny compared to yours, so it takes someone pretty short) with my friend. I got in, and a teacher started coming down the hall. In order for us both to not get busted, he had to casually lock me in, and walk down the hall, leaving me... Had to wait for the teacher to finish off her shit and leave the block before my mate came back and let me out.

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School starts on the 24th. Not pumped about that. Though I'm going down to the Sacramento area for the weekend for my good friend's birthday right before school starts so idk, that should be a really nice way to end the summer. Hmm, should be hanging out with my friend today after he gets out of his prob. meeting. He just got out of juvi, haha...

edit: I lol'd at the story Llama. I'd hate to be stuck in that locker for an unknown amount of time. :/

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Well, my dad was rushed to hospital by my mum about 20 minutes ago, after accidently cutting his thumb open with a Stanley knife. I've never used one of those, but my mum said it was quite a deep cut, so it'll need a few stiches I think. He had a cloth around the thumb, and it was pretty much completely red, so he'll be seen to soon, I hope. He'll phone or text us about what's happening a bit later. I'm squeamish about anything like this, I couldn't bring myself to look at the thumb.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

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He was fine, in the end. Although, a perfectly nice pair of jeans were ruined with a small bloodstain on them. Now, he has a big bandage around his thumb, and when me and my mum went to pick him up, he did the 'hitchhiking' signal, and I started laughing. It looks massive on his hand, like one of those giant rubber fingers you see at American Football matches.

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